Thursday, February 23, 2012


My husband's job sometimes requires him to be out of town. Tomorrow he'll be returning from two consecutive trips that kept him away from home for five weeks.  Because I didn't want some mad serial killer to come and get me, I didn't mention this until now. (and for the record, for future serial killers who may be reading this, we do have a 110 lb dog that protects us.)

It wasn't dragging all 5 kids on Saturdays mornings for 8:30am basketball practice, or Thursday night 9pm pick up from practice that was hard. (Although it did give me pause to Google Pennsylvania laws for the legal age of letting kids stay home by themselves.)  Most of the time I like to have things to do.  So that stuff didn't bother me. 

However, I was lonely.  Yes, the children kept me company....sometimes more company than I wanted.  I usually pray every night for lonely people.  I always feel sad that they have no one to talk to.  But what I realized this month is that I missed the "not talking" to Bill.  Does that make sense?  Meaning, just to have that person you love next to you and have the comfortable silence that you have with no other person in the world.  What a gift.  I missed that the most.

And really, I'm just so thankful that I don't have to watch TV anymore like this.


1. Portions of this post were written to make you laugh.
2. I did not leave my children home alone.
3. I did not really watch TV like that.
4. I looked like a total dork while trying to snap that photo.


  1. I love this post!! It made me smile and I knew you wouldn't REALLY leave the kids home alone.

  2. I love not talking to John. It is very nice and I am sorry you have been alone for so long.
    I hope to see you soon.

  3. What a lovely blog. I am sure that it also brings joy to your mom to know that you feel that way. I hope that you always treasure each other. No mother could ask for a better gift for her adult children. xo

  4. such a cute post !! I loved the disclaimers !! hahahah!! Oh and I loved Tricia's comments !! too funny !!

  5. What a heart-felt post! My husband seldom travels for work and when he does it is just a day or two, but I always miss him.

    I agree with your completley--I don't post about my vacation until I get home because you never know who is reading!

    We have all been sick with colds, but I have a few errands I really need to run today and was considering Googling how old kids have to be to stay home alone, today. Fortunately, my daughter said she didn't want to stay home alone and I promised to make the errands quick so she can get home and rest.