Thursday, October 31, 2013

Late Halloween Post

Our township has trick or treating the Friday before Halloween.  I'm still not used to that fact. I've never been a big fan of Halloween.   It probably stems from back when I was a kid and my mom making me wear my coat over my costume.  That kind of took the fun out of dressing up.

These days, I place dressing my kids in their costumes second only to getting them dressed for the snow.  Both are tasks I rather despise.  It is getting easier now that they're older, but then there's still young Matthew.

See what I mean?   Click on that picture to get the full effect.

This year I spent zero dollars on costumes, but you could probably guess that already.

Ann- black cat, a hand me down from Mary last year.
Tommy-baseball player.
Mary- Katniss, from The Hunger Games.
Matt-Captain Cranky  Iron Man.
Billy- a sad attempt at "Maroon 5"  (there's a number 5 on his shirt)

Earlier in the day was a little more pleasant.  The elementary school had their parade and parties.  I made "fingers."

I got to hang out with Matthew's class.

Later, for trick or treating we headed to our friend's neighborhood and the kids had a blast.

Dad even made it back in town early enough to meet us on our route.

I guess Halloween isn't so bad.  Maybe it's the fact that I know these days are slipping away.  How much longer will all five of them be trick or treating?  This may have been the last time.

On that sad note, I'm going to take my depressed self and go eat twelve Hershey bars.


  1. Happy Halloween, my friend...

    We had no coats this year! Amen!

    It did drizzle though...

    Your trick-or-treaters look great. : )

  2. Those fingers - gross, and perfect!

    Your kids looked great!

  3. Oh Kathleen…I had to smile at this post! First…I have the three of the exact same Frankenstein buckets that you do! :) Second…I have yet to post my trick-or-treating pictures, but I too have a crying shot (what is it about this night???!!!)…and finally…those fingers…are to DIE for! LOL

  4. Trying to comment for the first time under Eileen's gmail account. She loves Mary's Katniss costume! Hope to see you guys soon, love Slimmy

  5. It looks like a fun Halloween. Are those finger cookies? They are pretty cute.

  6. Hi Kathleen! I always loved Halloween myself. Sanctioned candy? Yes please!
    I want you to know that I did click on the pic and got the full effect of your superhero son in full rant. That's a keeper for the slide show at his wedding...

    You can have the hershey bars. Save me the peanut M&M's and the butterfingers.