Thursday, December 5, 2013

Out Of The Mouth Of.....

 First up-Matthew:

Me:  Matt, what should we get your teacher for Christmas?

Matt: Ummm, something teachery.


Matt: When is it going to be Monday Black?
 (when I asked what he meant, he was thinking of black Friday and got mixed up a bit )
Next up-Billy:

Billy ( typical 13 year old with complete annoyance in his voice ):  It's not fair that everyone in my class watches shows like NCIS and I'm not even allowed to watch the DISNEY channel.


During a conversation about the need to wash his hands with soap and water and not just hand sanitizer.

Me:  It kills way more germs than sanitizer.  Why are you arguing me about this?

Billy:  Because you are factually incorrect.


Next up-Ann:

Me:  You're my Honey Bunch.

Ann: You're my Mommy Bunch.


On a different note, all of the kids did their lists for Santa.

Can you guess which two are the girls'?

They would be the pretty decorated ones.

 Ann's list says iPad, American Girl doll car, Goosebumps book series, Vera Bradley in Indigo Pop, and a Clarinet.

Mary's list says violin, Vera Bradley lunch box in Lime's Up, iPad or iPhone, or iPod, Divergent Book series, pajamas and slippers, craft stuff, hair stuff, and a "please surprise me."

Tommy--Razor Dirt Rocket, Star Wars Legos, Avengers video game, Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck.

Matt--(forgot to take a picture of his )  Star War Legos,  Bad guy Legos, chainsaw, bullhorn, and Flippy's hat.

Billy--Lebron 7 or 11's basketball sneakers (customized ), Xbox 1 (optional --maybe for the whole family), and Madden 25.

Yes, you read that right.  Billy made a list for Vader.
He wants Scooby Doo Movies, a new collar (possibly a different color), toys, and Just For Men Dogs anti-Gray.

Santa has his work cut out for him.


  1. the lists are so cute ! are they really not allowed to watch the Disney Channel ?

  2. WERE you factually incorrect? :-) I want to know about he Disney Channel too!

  3. Hi Kathleen! I loved the lists, it really took me back to the days when my kids were little. Goosebumps was a favorite, although now they both tell me that the books scared them to death. "Why on earth did you read them then?"
    "Because they were fun." Sigh.
    My daughter had an American Girl doll, and now we are both owners of Vera Bradley.
    A lot in common! My fav? "Please surprise me." LOVE THAT!