Friday, March 7, 2014

Everyday (Non) Happenings

*Life here this week is about getting back to a normal routine with Dad in the house.  It's an awesome feeling to see him walk in the door every night.  I have been trying to revert back to going to bed at a decent hour so as to encourage Bill to do the same.  He has to get up at 4:50 a.m. and commutes 90 minutes each way.  Poor guy. 

Let's see, what else?

*I started the Paleo Diet.  If you're not familiar with this, it is a high protein, low carb diet.  Guess what!  It works.  You know why it works?  Because you're not allowed to eat anything and it basically starves you.

No dairy.  No bread. No sugar.  Everything I have come to love in life -- Gone.

I'll be honest.  I still put half-n-half and sugar in my coffee. This girl has her limits.  And when I thought I'd go blind if I didn't immediately consume a carb, I downed a bowl of Special K.

One thing that is helping me survive this cursed die-t is my increased consumption of water. However, I am a kidney stone sufferer and I have a feeling that there is at least one stone brewing in there at the moment.  Every time I drink a big glass of water I picture a cross-section of my kidney and play my own version of the Price Is Right's "Kidney Stone Plinko." Except in my version the prize isn't $10,000; it's a trip to the ER, morphine, and a scheduled lithotripsy.

*I got a text from a friend this week and it said, "Welcome to Team iPhone."  Yes, I made the jump and let go of my Blackberry, but only because Bill made me.  I'm not a fan.  The kids think it's amazing and have taught me a thing or two.  How do they know?  Crazy, I tell you. It does take good pictures, though.  This is the first one I took and it's only fitting to post it here since she's my only child who actively seeks out my blog posts.

I saw this on Fox and Friends the other day
The inventor of the cronut (part croissant, part donut) has come up with the cookie shot.

What a genius.  I have spent a bit of time figuring out the many ways I could consume this masterpiece.  And I hear his bakery is in New York City.... 

...and Bill just started working in New York City.  So when Bill calls to say he's on  his way home and do I need him to pick up anything....

Of course, that means I have to give up Paleo for Lent.


  1. Your hubby's home!!!!!!
    Happy weekend, my friend!

  2. Great news about your husband being home :) Cronuts? I'm sure anything with sugar is looking good to you about Well, you can still dream, right?

    I've never had a kidney stone but I've heard they are extremely painful. I hope you don't get any - my brother gets them and he says there is nothing worse. Nothing. I believe him.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. This is such a funny post!!! First, so happy to know you have your beloved there with you. I cannot begin to imagine how hard it has been. Very happy for you! The diet crack me up. I recently started writing down a snack menu in our house. We have been so bad at eating the wrong stuff in between meals. And I am suppose to be the good role model! The kids thought I fell off my rocker, but seriously, I think they may like the new healthy snack menu because no one has really complained. I told them next up is a new and improved breakfast menu. Baby steps! The kidney stone thing. Those are AWFUL!!!!!!! I only had one....over twenty years ago, but I still feel the pain from it as though it was one hour ago. My hubs had one two springs ago and ended up having a procedure done to blast his to pieces. Poor guy. Hang in there! ( I loved the bunko description!) Have a great weekend and a blessed Sunday!

  4. Hi Kathleen! I'm so happy your husband is home! Yay! And I know the kids must be excited too.
    I don't have an iPhone but my children do. They think I am a dinosaur. (Spoiler alert: I AM!!) I bet you grow to love it too. I do have an iPad and that thing takes amazing photos. Better than my dinosaur camera does.

    Cookie shots? Where have I been living? I need to get this rock off of me and go find this magic food.

    Kidney stones are in the the "Top 3" of pain. (The other two are labor and shingles) Make sure you are drinking that water. Yikes. You could even make those cookie shots filled with water...there'd be no stopping me :)
    Have a joyous weekend!

  5. You always make me smile. You should chat with MBR who loves Paleo. I have even made Paleo zucchini bread for her last summer and it was good.

  6. I think I could handle that Paleo for about 10 mins then cave. you sound like a strong woman!!

    Congrats to hubby being home!

    Anything coconut is amazing. I would just love those.