Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Happenings

I'm backing up to Labor Day weekend because we had some fun and interesting things go on that weekend.

*Friday: My friend Cathy celebrated her 40th birthday.  I met Cathy about 7 years ago in a mom's group we both attended.  She has been a dear friend ever since.  Her family threw her a surprise party and I cant' think of anyone more deserving of such a celebration.  She is selfless and kind and one of those people you can talk to for hours and it seems like only minutes have passed. In other words, she's awesome and I love her.  It was so great to share her day with her.

Me, Cathy, Andrea, and Danielle
*Saturday: Our prayer group friends John and Mary hosted their annual summer dinner party.  These two know how to throw a party, I tell you.  For dinner we had special slider sandwiches with all the fixins you can imagine.  On the mirror are mouth-watering ideas on how you might like to fix your sandwich.  I tried it a couple different ways, just to be social. Total yum!

From left: Monsignor, John and Mary, Donnalee and Mike, me and Bill, Sam and Barb, Fr. Kevin, Vicky and Jeff, Mike and Beth.
Our family prayer group usually includes the children, but this is a special event sans kids.  Even though we missed the three couples that weren't able to make it, it was fun hanging out with those who could.  Thanks John and Mary---great time!

*Sunday: Mary's first Cross Country meet of the year.....


Friends and coaches

T-shirt I couldn't resist buying.

 ....complete with cranky kids. (it was hot!)

Mary did a great job running her two miles.  So proud of her.

*Monday: Family bike ride.

  Thinking ahead, Bill knew Matt would get tired.  He came prepared to solve this problem.

 Awesome Dad-ness!

And a great official end to summer!


  1. Dad pulling kid with a rope...totally awesome. Wish someone would pull me!!! That looks like so much fun.

  2. What an exciting weekend, Kathleen!
    So glad you shared it with us!
    Your daughter looked so happy at her meet!!!
    And the bike ride?
    Enjoy the autumn, my friend!

  3. Sounds like fun! i like the slider party idea--I may have to copy that!

    Are you growing your hair? It looks great!

  4. Hi Kathleen! What a fun party! You know, sometimes it's nice to get out and just be social as a couple. Looks like a great group! I'm sure the priests enjoyed the chance to kick back and relax too.
    Love the rope idea to pull tired children. Your husband is smart! (and handy...that redo of your bathroom is amazing too!)

  5. Hello Kathleen. I took a blogging break but I am back...I think. Find me here!!

  6. Love that picture of them riding down on the bike.