Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween 2014

I'm a bit confused.  How is it that my kids went from needing help getting their costumes on one year and the next year want to ditch me for trick or treating with their friends?

For multiple reasons I kept them with me in our own neighborhood for at least one more year.  Considering many of the houses gave out full size candy bars this time around, I'd say it was a win for all involved. 

I was asked to be the yearbook photographer for Matthew's class.  I was able to enjoy some 1st grade cuteness and see him, Ann and Tommy in their school parade.

Once they all came in from school, we had some spooky (and not so spooky) treats.

Billy was stuck at stage crew during the trick or treating, so we'll just say he dressed as the Invisible Man. 

I grabbed my hot chocolate and we hit the streets.  We were home in plenty of time to rent a scary movie.

How about Jaws?  Great idea.

Rented it. Lights off.  Lots of blood and screaming.  Lights on.  Movie off.

Whose idea was that anyway?

Later, when Bill and I went to bed, there were 4 kids in our bed.  We left them there and headed for the boys room.

The next day, I told them if they didn't hand over all of their Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, I'd put Jaws back on. 

Just kidding.  They gladly shared.


  1. Cheese stick idea.super cute.I am going to remember that one!

    Jaws..never saw it. But my husband did when he was around 10 and it scared him so bad. He still has a major phobia of sharks!!

  2. Adorable little first graders!! Oh my gosh, too cute! And really fun food ideas!

    Your kids looked great! And Jaws? Holy cow! I still have nightmares from that movie!

  3. Love it!
    Well, not the scared kids part.
    But I'll come down and watch Jaws with you!
    Let's have a marathon, K?!
    I call the Peanut m&ms. : )

  4. Love the Halloween treats you made, Kathleen! Would you believe my daughter didn't want to go trick or treating? (Say what?! And I always get dibs on certain candies! Bummer for I take her every year but she wanted to give out candy instead.

    So, no peanut butter cups for Mary this year :(

  5. I forgot to tell you, on Halloween, David and I watched The Possession. OMG! Why do I do that to myself. It freaked both of us out. Of course the blip, based on a true story, didn't help matters. I am too old for this stuff!

  6. Amazing how time flies! By the sound of it, you have a wonderful family. Bless you.

  7. Sounds as if some getting older is happening with your kids... it's that thing that happens one day when we're wiping strained carrots off their highchair and half an hour later they ask to borrow the car. Jaws! Haven't seen that in ages. But that's about as scary as I can go, ever ever ever. Enjoyed this post!

  8. Hi Kathleen! Sounds like an eerie Halloween at your house :0 Those mozzarella sticks are so cute, I'll have to copy that next year.

    I am terrible with scary movies. I get so freaked out...I'd probably be in bed with you too. Yum...Reese's peanut butter cups. Whoever thought of that should get the Pulitzer Prize for food.

  9. Loved the snacks; understand the sentiment - that's the way it goes as they grow!; would not even come in the same room with the movie! xo