Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Love The '80's

Last weekend Bill took the boys on a road trip to Philadelphia to see the Villanova basketball game.

Go Wildcats!

Gramps went too.

Not to be out done, the girls and I had our own special afternoon.  First, we went to lunch at Friendly's.

Next, we went roller skating.

Oh boy, does this bring back memories.  My mom used to take me roller skating all the time when I was a kid...Skate Odyssey and Spinning Wheels were the hot spots in the early '80's.  I also remember desperately wanting a skating uniform (like they wear in figure skating) and she would not buy one for me. The nerve!

Yes, I skated on Saturday and had a ball. I was reminiscing about one of my favorite movies from the '80's called Xanadu.  Anyone remember it?  The backdrop was a roller skating arena.  It starred two of my favorite people....Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelly.  It was a box office bomb from what I remember, but I love the sound track and own the album; great music which includes songs by ELO and Cliff Richards, and of course Olivia herself.   

Daydreaming about the movie while I practiced my cross-over turns, I was wishing they played some '80's music, but that afternoon it seemed to be all Top 40.  Bummer.

But much to my surprise.....and I cannot even tell you how I jumped for joy when I read this.....another nearby roller rink is having a special Valentine's '80's music skate!!!!!! this Friday night.  You can bet I immediately cut and pasted that article and sent it to Bill's email.  Dinner and chocolates?  Heck, no!  We're going roller skating.  I think it is the perfect Valentine's date.  (for me anyway, not so sure for Bill) 

I am already making my list of requests.

I can see it now.  This will be me at the DJ booth:

7:45pm-"Can you play "You Dropped A Bomb On Me," by the Gap Band?"

8:10pm-"Can you play "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham?

8:35pm- "How about "Let the Music Play" by Shannon?"

8:55pm-"Can you pleeeeese play anything by Duran Duran or Michael Jackson"?

9:05pm-"Why aren't you playing any of my requests?"

I just hope I don't embarrass Bill.



  1. Hi Kathleen! Villanova was my choice for college! Great nursing program, great swimming program. My parents had other ideas. I went to St. Teresa's (all girl, sketchy swimming program, great nursing program). I'm jealous for sure!
    I want some of that ice cream :)
    I will enjoy thinking of your Valentine's Day plans! I can roller skate just enough to stay on my feet, but I could never do 'cross overs' or skate backwards. I know you'll have a great time.
    Wednesday blessings!

  2. I'll meet you there!
    Then we can ride around town listening to our cassettes...
    After that, we can got the pizza place and hope we run into our friends there.
    And don't forget to request LOVE SHACK!!!!!!!!!

  3. Loved Xanadu!! I am so going to fly over and join you skating to the 80s music!!! Ahhh you dropped a bomb on me!! We would have such fun together!

  4. Have a wonderful time! Happy Valentine's Day! xo

  5. LOL!!! So true for me, only push me to the 70's. I remember having my first pair of white skates with big, fat green pompoms on the top. I was "all that" I thought. So many fond memories. My mom would drop us all off on a Saturday afternoon and did we have fun!

  6. Watching a game is a great bonding moment for the fam. You guys look like tou had the time of your lives.

  7. Just from the one little picture of your skating place it looks really nice! Our only skating place for miles around is just a dump. Really really icky. Enjoy your
    We have a radio station here in MN that plays 80's every going back in time!