Monday, January 18, 2016

Brace Yourself

A couple of years ago Mary was evaluated for braces.  She definitely needed them, but the orthodontist wanted to wait and give five more baby teeth a chance to fall out.

Well, the time finally came and today she got them on.

Across the street from our orthodontist is an ice cream place.  We stopped to get her a milkshake because...uh, hello?  Why wouldn't we?

We decided to channel our inner Marcia Brady.  The episode where Marcia gets her braces on is one of my all time favorites.  We decided to have spaghetti for dinner (like Marcia).

For dessert, we had ice cream and watched that special episode called Brace Yourself.

By the end of the day Mary didn't feel "ugly, ugly, ugly, didn't hate Alan Anthony, and could go on being the most groovy girl in her school."


  1. Soooo I love you!!!!
    This is the best!
    Your daughter looks beautiful with her new bling...
    Someday we are going to have a Brady Bunch Marathon...promise!

  2. I need to go back and watch that episode!! I love Mary...and you!!

  3. Hello Kathleen,

    Oh yum, spaghetti and ice cream - how delicious!

    She is all smiles, so everything must have bone well.

    :) Hope

  4. Congrats Mary- I think the Church sign photo bomb is good luck charm!!

  5. Congrats Mary. You looks beautiful. Good luck with them. Hope your dad is gonna get you some jewels to put in the braces, especially a big lumpy emerald right in the middle. Tell Eddie, Joey & Harold I say hi too....Love Uncle Bob

    1. Right!! Just like Cleopatra!! Good one!

  6. Hi Kathleen! I'm with you. Who needs a special reason to eat ice cream???
    Such a cute idea to have a Brady Bunch night with Marcia. How cute! Looks like everyone enjoyed it, so it was a bonding moment for all of you (see what I did there? LOL!).
    Happy Thursday :)

  7. So happy for you, Mary Kate. Your mom is a jewel for celebrating it so wonderfully! xo

  8. Great idea! I think the $$$ spent on braces is worth it. What a wonderful gift to give your child.

  9. Oh my goodness! What a blast from the past! You celebrated braces in style, mama!

  10. You guys look so happy and just chilling in your house. They look good with their braces. :D