Monday, September 5, 2016

Summer Highlights-Continued

Last month I posted summer highlights from around here.  Our August was just as full as July with lots of fun to be had.

But don't get me wrong, most of our days looked like this.

In fact, I did so much couch-potato-ing this summer that I saw numbers on my scale that I have never seen before.  And for some reason, they're still there!
Now, onto the more pleasant stuff.

Highlight #1
Bill and I attended the wedding of the son of our dear friends John and Mary.  This was the first wedding of it's kind for us.  What a special feeling to watch the next generation---the offspring of your close friends---get married.

Andy and Ashley
Of course, the night was even more special as we shared it with more good friends and enjoyed a fabulous party.

John-Father of the groom-next to me

Mary-mother of the groom--next to me.
Highlight #2

Oooooh yeah....the 19th Annual Sexy Six Sleepover!!

This year's host was Tricia.   We had a great night, as usual.  Food, drink, games, and lots of catching up.

I think we turned the lights off around 3:30 a.m. and were up again by 9 a.m.   I don't know about the rest of the girls, but I sure do have a hard time recuperating from this behavior in my old age.

Thanks for hosing Trish!  You're the best.

(for the history of the "Six" click here)

Highlight #3

Band Camp!
I know, I'm a geek for counting this as a highlight.

Mary's high school has camp for three weeks, and Tommy and Ann (who is new to middle school band camp) had two weeks.  I had the privilege to help out at the middle school again this year.  Mary helped me the first half hour sell snacks before she had to head over to her camp next door.

40's decade theme day....isn't she sweet?

Ann-cutest clarinetist

Ann with her BFF
 Let's Go Band!

Highlight #4


How do I love thee?  Let me count the waves.

We had our annual beach trip to Avalon, NJ and it was wonderful, beautiful, sunny, and relaxing.

I can sum it up best with a video,  which is coming soon.

Happy Labor Day!!


  1. My heart is a,ways happy when I see that Kathleen has a new post up!!!
    Your summer looks to be amazing...those couch potato days are my favorite. : )
    Your littles are so precious...enjoy this fall season with them!
    I know you will.
    Miss our texting chats...
    Now that autumn is here, perhaps we can get Kelli and have a chat!

  2. Hello Kathleen,

    You have very comfy looking furniture - makes me want to cozy up that and read :)

    Looks like you had lots of happy times with friends. That girls gathering looks like loads of fun.

    How wonderful that you and your family could enjoy such an exciting vacation! I am looking forward to the Avalon vacation video :)


  3. Oh my goodness! I forgot about Avalon, and how can I forget that?? I can imagine that wedding felt surreal. Time is going too quickly, isn't it? Looking forward to watching the video :) PS - I love our furniture!