Friday, July 7, 2017

A Patriotic, Fun-Filled Weekend

Spoiler Alert: We are spoiled.

Thanks to Bill (and some very generous people he knows ) we had a weekend like no other.  We had 5 days off together with some pretty special events mixed in there. 

1. West Point.  We made a quick stop at this beautiful military academy.  We didn't have much time there, but we were able to see probably the most scenic spot!

Random cutie picture

2. The New York Air Show.  We didn't have tickets for the actual air show, but we were able to sneak a peak at the rehearsal the day before.  Wow!  Watching this in person is nothing like watching it on TV.  It was amazing.  The sights, sounds, and death-defying maneuvers left me with my jaw hanging open almost the whole time.  So cool.  We even got to see the Blue Angels.  Go Navy!

3. Matthew's Birthday/Iron Pigs Game.  Our little guy turned 9.  NINE!!
You know the drill....morning doughnuts, plus waffles and ice cream as he requested....

We spent some time at the local community center.  Dad taught us girls how to use the equipment while the boys played hoops.  The birthday boy felt pretty cool getting to play with some older boys in a pick up game.

 Then it was back home to eat chicken tacos and cake with strawberry icing.  Someone had too many tacos and wasn't feeling up for the cake when this picture was being taken.  It was a combination of feeling sick and feeling disappointed that the cake would have to wait.

And it just got worse.  Here he is a minute later...

(Side note:  Cake by Ann.  Upside down "6" candle by Mom. #momfail.)

We were gifted tickets to an Iron Pigs baseball game.  (minor league for the Phillies).  The weather was beautiful, the seats were great, and it just felt good being at the Great American Pastime on the 4th of July Weekend.  There was even fireworks and running of the bases at the end and special message for the birthday boy.

Then it was back to the house where someone still didn't feel like his cake, but was happier having his picture taken.

Happy Birthday to my favorite youngest! You bring us all so much happiness.

4. 4th of July in NYC.  On Tuesday we headed back to New York, but this time we were in the city.  We made a pit stop at Bill's work to check in on those who help keep us safe.  Then we had dinner at a nearby diner.

 Waffles and ice cream are just as good for dinner as they are for breakfast, in case you didn't know.

After dinner we went on a boat tour of the East River.  We traveled up to the Statue of Liberty.  The sun was setting and the views were spectacular.

Once the sun set, we were positioned in this great spot on the water to watch the fireworks.  These buildings were behind us....

Empire State Building

Chrysler Building
And this was our view in front of us....

It was spectacular.  To see the fireworks up close and feel the booming in your chest as the sound bounced off the buildings behind us, and being so close to be able to smell the smoke coming from them.....  Oh, and the boat had cookies and coffee on board and they were tasty...... So, every sense was incorporated.  What a thrill. 

So, it was an awesome weekend overall.  I have to say, one of the best parts for me was taking a step back and watching Big Bill secretly looking at the kids.  When he sees them all happy, that is when he is happiest.  The look of joy on his face was one of those everlasting snapshots taken in my mind. 

Love this guy of mine xoxo


  1. West Point!!! As soon as I saw the photo, without reading, I knew it was West Point. Sarah's friend is a new cadet, was there with his folks for the weekend last weekend, and then said a quick 30 second good bye to them on Monday morning as he began boot camp. What a weekend!! Love your patriotism!! And happy birthday to your little man :)

  2. That is so fun. And yum to that ice cream!

  3. Hello, my beautiful friend!
    How I loved this post!
    Happy birthday to your sweet baby.
    Nine is fun. And my Flynn isn't too far behind!
    Now...on to the amazing time you all had!
    Sooo happy and excited for you guys!
    I get so emotional watching those fireworks on tv, I couldn't even imagine seeing them like you did!!!
    Love your family.
    Hugs from up north. : )

  4. Sooo so great!! Spoiled galore!! What a great 4th weekend! Happy belated Birthday Matthew-your godfather totally stinks! See you guys soon!