Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Day Of Summer Vacation

Yesterday the kids had their last day of school.  I feel like I was just blogging about Billy going off to Middle School and now he's done 6th grade headed to 7th.
Here he is with his neighbor buddies.

Grace, Billy, and Syrus
Then we waited for the elementary bus to come.  They were so excited to be done, I could barely get them to stop to get their picture.

I called everyone back over and here's the crew.

They loved me when I asked them to clean out their backpacks so I could put them away for the summer.  (That was sarcasm.)

Today I had some errands to run.  I had forgotten how much more interesting it is doing errands with all of them instead of just Matt.  One place I had to go was Sam's Club.  We scored big time there.  At every corner they had those stands set up giving away free samples of food.  Who knew that they all liked crab cakes?  So I bought them.  Who knew they liked chicken egg rolls?  I bought them too.  We got a lot of stuff.

Note to self: Never go to Sam's on an empty stomach.

Remember Tang?  It brought back memories so I bought that too.  I haven't had it since I was a kid.
And now I know why.

Matthew has been checking these hourly to see if they have "freezed" yet.

So we are all set. One day down and 80 glorious more to follow.
(and you can decide for yourself if that was sarcasm.)


  1. Hooray for summer! And our kids LOVE the samples at sams, too...I swear, they will eat anything if it is served with a toothpick! My favorite find that is now commonly in our dinner rotation is parmesian crusted tilapia--even the baby likes it :)

  2. So funny...all of it. I can hear the sarcasm, but I can also hear the love and fun that you guys will have this summer.

    By the way, have they "freezed" yet? :-)


  3. Have a wonderful summer! I used to love it when all schedules ceased - for about two days! xo