Friday, September 13, 2013

R.I.P. Whooey

We named the raccoon in our yard Whooey.

The police and Game Preserve people told me it was really no big deal about him being there, and that racoons are not totally nocturnal.  If I wanted to get rid of him, I'd have to call a private nuisance control company to deal with him.

We enjoyed watching him sleep in his little nook up in the tree during our dinner, and even late last night as he watched me take out the trash. 

This morning though, we were sad to see he had died.

Rest in Peace Whooey.

Oh, and Bill, there is a shovel and a wheel barrow waiting for you to deal with this when you get home.


  1. I can only smile...glad no one got hurt!!

  2. Your blog is a great source of joy! Thanks for sharing so much! xo

  3. Hi Kathleen! Awww...poor guy. Well, he lived a full life, I'm sure. (I'm also sure that Bill gave a touching eulogy. Or not?)

    You certainly did have some drama for a few days. Hope the kids are dealing with the loss ok. My son would be absolutely bereft when his fish would die.

    Good to see you!