Friday, June 6, 2014

Matt, Me, And Mornings This Week

I spent this week soaking in the last few mornings alone with Matthew before:

a.) school lets out for summer

b.) his siblings are home all day


c.) Fall comes and I lose him to full-time school forever!!! 

On Monday we went bowling with Luke, Matt's good buddy and Luke's mom, who is my good buddy.  A win-win.

Tuesday--breakfast at the diner.

Wednesday--Playground with our friends from Moms and Tots.

Thursday--ice cream treat at the hospital cafeteria.
Why the hospital, you ask? Well, there is this beautiful new campus close to our house and I am drawn to it.  I used to work in a hospital and I love the atmosphere.  Maybe someday I'll work in one again.

 For now my job is here taking care of these monkeys for the next 3 months 24/7.

Last day of school-2014 (with our friend Claire)
 I was a little sad putting Matt on the bus the last time.
 But he told me to smile for the picture, so I did.
 After he got on the bus, I went to my happy place.
 And did some window shopping.

 Ok, I actually bought the shoes.  

Well, another year down and it's taken me a bit off guard.  No schedules, no chore charts.  I better get busy.

What are your plans for the summer?


  1. What a sweetie!
    And what a wonderful week you had with him, Kathleen. : )
    These years do seem to pass quickly don't they?
    I don't remember them going this fast when we were in school!

  2. Oh! Hugs to you on those lasts. I just took Miss C's crib down...preparing for the past two weeks. I wish I appreciated then what I do now. And what a creative and GREAT mama to make it special. Your little man will remember that. Love your purchases ;) Very therapeutic!

  3. Such a fun week...I remember that last week I had with Juliana before she started Kindergarten.
    Ok I have shopping have a combined Marshalls and Home Goods? I have always wondered why they did not have the two stores closer together in our area. They are on opposite sides of town.
    Have a great Sunday!

  4. Hello Kathleen,

    I like your new header. The campus sounds like a lovely place to spend the afternoon.

    Your little Mathew is too sweet. It is sad to lose the baby. My is nearly 15 and I still have not adjusted to him growing up. :(

    Looks like you are in for lots of summer fun with your wonderful bunch of children. Enjoy every minute!

    :) Hope