Friday, June 20, 2014

Scenes From An Anniversary

16 years and counting.....

Dinner at Wawa
Baseball game
Hanging with our oldest. 

No matter where we are, I am always glad you're by my side.

Happy Anniversary, Bill!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! Wishing you abundant blessings in this next year as well. I like your new pics up there, and what is Wawa?? Have a terrific Saturday and a blessed Sunday!

    1. Ooops,I was forgetting this is a store found mostly in the northeast. Wawa is just a convenience store. We had hoagies for dinner. (now that I write that, is hoagie another northeast term? Aka hero, submarine sandwich, grinder, etc.)
      Thanks for the well-wishes, ,Patty.

  2. Congratulations...hope you had a special anniversary!!