Friday, May 29, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend {Part 3}

The email from my Mother in law went something like this:

Anyone who wishes to celebrate Dad's birthday is welcome to do so.  Dinner is at 4pm on Monday.  Please rsvp.

So I deliberated.

1. Invited to one of the happiest places on earth.
2. Celebrate my awesome Father in law.
3. A chance to see siblings and cousins.
4. No cooking for me.
5. Cake.

It took me about 1.2 seconds to decide.

Count us IN!

Most of Bill's siblings were there with their families.  We are up to 18 grandchildren on this side of the family.

 The proud matriarch, Mom-Mom.

And the birthday boy, "Gramps."

 We were inside....

....we were outside.

....and some of us were little kids who snuck a seat at the big kids table!

Happy birthday, Dad! I hope you had a nice day as we all invaded your home.  I know we sure did.

I was thinking about Bill's family on the drive home and this is what I came up with.

I really like them.
I like each one of them.  I like being with them.  It's easy to be with them.  I know people can't always say that about their families.  I am blessed to be married into one of the best, second only to my own side of the family, who are pretty great as well.

So there.

And that concludes this MDW trilogy.


  1. Thank you, Kathleen. That was a lovely and loving tribute from you. We were so glad that you all could come. Your picture of MomMom is great. No one would guess that she is 95! It was fun to watch the kids -older as well as younger! - having a fine time together. Hope to see you all soon again! Love, Mom

  2. I'm so envious...this makes me want to live closer to my own big family (as long as they move to the south ;), it makes me miss my own dad, and I wish my kids could be with all of their cousins more often.

    Good for y'all for making time together! It's so important. And how I love your MIL's the point. Take it or leave it. Very well done!

  3. What a blessing! Family food and fun.

  4. Hi Kathleen! It is a true blessing to enjoy your in-laws so thoroughly. I'm sure you've heard of horror stories involving mixing families. I'm so glad you had a great time Memorial Weekend. I really enjoyed looking at your photos, and your joy carries to your children, husband and everyone there.

  5. Loved this post! I am the 4th youngest of 19 grandchildren on my mom's side. (In fact Mary Catherine is named after my Grandma!!!) I have the BEST childhood memories of celebrating holidays, birthdays, anniversaries weddings, baby showers, etc. from being in such large extended family. (My mom is the youngest of 6...and only daughter!) Perhaps that is why we all got along so well...or maybe just b/c of who they are/were. Anyway, your post made me happy happy happy. Loved all the candid family shots. Hope all is well!

  6. Lovely,
    So great to be blessed with great sons and daughter's in law! I guess my instruction to my children to choose spouses wisely was a good one.

    Love Gramps