Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Irish Twins

Before Tommy's birthday comes on Friday I wanted to show off my Irish Twins.  A couple of weeks ago when I was posting about Ann's birthday I came across some really cute photos of the two of them.

When Ann was born Tommy was 11 months and 10 days old.  I was so excited.  Billy and Mary Kate missed Irish twin status by 13 days.  True Irish twins are less than a year apart. Tommy was such a great baby.  I remember he took his first steps the night before I went in to deliver Ann.

I also remember being very overwhelmed, especially once September came.  Billy was in afternoon kindergarten and Mary Kate had morning preschool.  Trying to get lunch in between with the two little ones was really hard.  I never thought I'd survive.

Here are some cute pictures of them. These are early ones because my laptop with current pictures is broken.  The younger ones are cuter anyway.  Enjoy!

Is it me, or are they so completely adorable?


  1. They are COMPLETELY adorable!!

  2. Definitley, completely adorable - still are!! i am glad to see the"funk" gone; I hope that it really is. You are doing a great job, Kathleen! Contrary to your past posted thoughts, the real work is now and the coming years. The children will need so much care and guidance to help them navigate the minefield of the world! Your availability to them will be a tremendous gift. Your importance can not be overestimated! So pat youreslf on the back; congatulate yourself for all that you have done, and know that they need you now more than ever! xo

  3. No, it is not you, they are ABSOLUTELY adorable!! I love the idea of Irish twins, but I am sure it was a lot of work having two in diapers and as you said, the pre-school runs, etc.

    I remember feeling like those days would last forever...and now I would love to bottle them up and have them forever!!