Sunday, April 15, 2012

Opening Day

The weather couldn't have been better this weekend. It was perfect for the boys' Little League Opening Day on Saturday and Billy and Mary Kate's first track meet.

 I had the pleasure of taking Billy and Tommy to the field for pictures early in the morning. A quick stop at Dunkin Donuts for a large coffee and my morning was off to a great start. It took about an hour or so for them to be done with their team pictures, but the atmosphere was full of excitement.

 With no time to waste Billy had to head back to the car to change from his baseball uniform into his track uniform!

What a dedicated athlete. I usually have a rule sports activity at a time.  Not sure what got into me the day we decided he could do both track and baseball. Anyway, I digress.

Bill came to the field just in time to whisk Billy away for his and Mary Kate's track meet while I stayed there for Opening Day ceremonies with Tommy. Just Tommy. Just me and Tommy. To enjoy. Sitting on the bleachers by myself, with my big ol' coffee watching that cute kid run onto the field with his team, waving his hat, listening to the National Anthem and the Little League Pledge. (am I being subtle enough that it was enjoyable being there without the other children? )  It was so nice to watch.  It's a great organization we've got here and I am amazed and very grateful at the dedicated people who run the league like a well oiled machine.

When we were finished there we rushed to see the rest of the track meet. Bill had everything under control....meaning, he raided the snack stand and sat Ann and Matt down with loads of junk food so they'd be happy campers.

I came just in time to see them do most of their events, and they did a fantastic job!

Did I mention that Billy, Mary Kate, and I are signed up for a 5K on May 5th? (I'm mentioning it now to hold myself accountable)
These children of mine definitely didn't get their athletic skills from me. Maybe they'll rub off on me. After all, they already inspire me!


  1. great photos! We try not to schedule a lot of activities at the same time too. I need downtime to get stuff done and rejuvenate!

    Good luck on the 5K!

  2. Sounds wonderful! Your posts sound like things are getting back on "track!" xo

  3. It really sounds nice and you sound good too. I look forward to hearing about the 5K on the 6th of May!!! I am also running one on the 19th with Mare. I hope I don't embarrass myself. LOL

  4. I have never mastered the one sport per season rule ! Every year I say I'm going too, but I never do ! I'm so happy they're running track ! I wish you lived closer, we could all go for a run, Logan goes with me a lot, it's nice to have thta company!!
    Gld you're not minding the runnning around too much, it lasts for years !!!

  5. geez, sorry about those typos! should have proof read!! I should learn not to type when I'm tired !