Wednesday, August 29, 2012


As you can see I have erased (accidentally) a lot of my blog's homepage.  I only tried to edit margins but ended up deleting important stuff I've added over the past year.  I don't have the "Design" button on my dashboard anymore.  It's been replaced with something called "Template".  So now I can't figure out how to reapply the things I lost. My blog looks ugly and it makes me sad.

Can anyone help? Bueller?


  1. From one of the most computer-challenged people on the planet (me), here is this: do you have a list along the very top right of your screen with the words new post - design - sign out? If you click on DESIGN there, you should get to a page that has a list of words down along the left, and near the bottom is the word LAYOUT. If you click on layout, does that bring up what you're wanting? That's where I go to add gadgets to my sidebar, etc. ?????

    I may be showing my gross ignorance here, but am taking the risk just in CASE this is what you want....

  2. I am around today with just 2 babies if you still need a hand :-( that has happened to me more times than I care to admit!!