Monday, September 3, 2012

Cross Country

Billy and Mary Kate have started cross country.  Yesterday they had their first meet.  I had never been to one before.  I thought the whole thing was very exciting....from the adorable kindergarteners running their hearts out to the one high school boy tasked with leading every race. (a total of 8 miles for him!)

Mary Kate ran with the 5th and 6th grade girls.  It had rained early on in the meet so the grass was wet.  At the start she got cut off by someone and tried to stop, but slipped an took a big tumble.

 The other runners had to jump over her.  You could almost say she was cross country road kill!

In those few seconds  she was down my mind had many thoughts.  I wondered if she would be hurt.  Would she get up?  Would she finish?

Well, she got right up, caught up to the group, and finished her 1.5 miles in less than 13 minutes.  She wasn't even phased by what happened.  I think it was because we watched many track and field events during the Olympics and saw that even the greatest runners can fall.  She knows it happens.  I was so proud of her.  She even wanted me to post the pictures of her falling.  I think she's proud of herself too.

Mary Kate nearing the finish.

Billy did a fabulous job too.  He ran with 7th & 8th grade boys and girls.  He finished his 2 miles in 15:06.  (And his mom enjoys him running much more than him playing football, that's for sure!)

I think they both really enjoyed it.  Hopefully it will be a life long love of the sport for them. 



  1. Well done Mary Kate!!!! I could tell you stories about MAB during our cross country days in high school but I will share them in private. lol

  2. That's great!! Good for them!! I hope they always enjoy running, it's so fun!!Glad back to school went off well too!! The pics are great !

  3. I love XC and track...good job, Billy & Mary Kate! Especially MK for getting up and not letting it bother her!

  4. cross country is a great sport!!! for life. good luck to everyone!

  5. I enjoyed seeing this. Congrats to two real winners!