Saturday, July 25, 2015

Everyday Happenings

Billy just returned from a Quo Vadis retreat.  It was a 5 day/4 night vocational camp.  Drop off was Sunday around noon,  but families were invited to stay for mass and lunch.  This was good because I was very anxious about Billy leaving our nest for such a long time.  Drawing out our goodbyes was a good idea.  I managed to leave the place without tears.

Sunday drop off
I sure was happy to see him on Thursday.

He gave the camp an 8 out of 10.  Does this mean he's got an 80% chance of becoming a priest??

Did you happen to see Paula Abdul on the The Late Show with James Corden?  They reenacted her Opposites Attract video from back in the day.  Made my Big 80's-lovin' heart smile.

Ann passed the swim test at the community center pool!  It was so sweet to see her go through the process.  She was all like "I can't do it," and Dad was all like, "Easy Day; Yes, you can,", while teaching her some swim tricks.  She passed with flying colors and was then allowed to use the slide there, which she proceeded to go down 1,202 times.

Pope Francis is coming to our neck of the woods this September.  I'm thinking I need to buy one of these.

Makes me wish I liked football

Bill took the boys to Army Day at Fort Dix.  I'm pretty sure this was their favorite part.

My Dad celebrated his 81st birthday.  For his present he wanted to take his kids and spouses out to dinner.  How can you pass that up?  What a treat.

Happy Birthday, Dad.

I had three goals this summer.  June was to have a yard sale; July was to paint the upstairs hallway; and August was to paint the basement.  Well, my yard sale was mostly a rainout.  Bill even tried to sell this big ticket item, but there were no takers. 

The worst part is that here it is a month later and all the stuff is still in my garage. *sigh*

As for the upstairs hallway, it's been half-primed for almost 2 weeks now.  Must finish....have 5 days left.

It's not looking promising for the basement.

Bill is getting transferred in his job to Philadelphia.  We are excited about this since we are both from the suburbs of Philly.  To get ourselves psyched up about it we started looking at promotional videos about the city and saw the famous one from...yep, the 80's... by Patti LaBelle.  Check this out and then you'll see why we were hysterically laughing at the end.

Ok, so wrong.  Not funny.  Just....untimely.


The kids helped me babysit.  For some it was a play date; for others a labor of love.

 I will end with some random pictures. 

  Happy Weekend, Dudes.


  1. Oh yes...
    The first time one of your birds leaves the nest..
    It isn't easy, is it?!
    I'm glad he had a good time...and what a great place to be.
    Glad he is back home with mom, though!
    Have a great rest of the summer!
    Always enjoy visiting with you, my friend!

  2. It is hard to try to get projects done in the summer. Time to just play!! Sounds like your son had a good time. It is hard to let those kids go. Happy Birthday to your dad! Love that cake. So yummy!

  3. Oh wowzer! So much goodness hear!

    The vocational camp sounded awesome! You are great parents! Remembering to promote a possible call to the priesthood. So few parents do that.

    Yippee for being able to pass a swim test and go into the deep end! I can recall having to pass swimming laps before heading into the deep end of the city pool when I was a kid. It felt like being super human ;)

    The activities you had planned, the goals, all great. I liked how you had your big projects lined up one a month. I need to learn to pace myself better.

    Hoping your week is going well. So cool that you will be that close to the pope!

  4. Philly??? All that good stuff and all I heard was Philly????
    As for your projects...You have 16 days to get it done and then we invade :)

  5. What a wonderful family you have.
    Cute pope shirts. I wasn't able to buy one when he visited us here because they're gone in seconds!

  6. Hi Patty! So you'll be moving then? Wow! I'm glad it's to a place that you already know and love. Those Pope shirts are wonderful :) My son-in-law will be attending the Family conference that week, and then stay for Pope Francis. Exciting for him! He wants his three year old daughter to meet him there for the weekend. I think he's hoping she gets kissed by the Pope!

    Congrats on the swimming feats, and the camp experiences. You are a busy mama!

  7. Congrats Annie. Now you can save me if I fall in the deep end. I can't swim...Love, Uncle Bob