Friday, July 3, 2015

Scenes From A Birthday

The youngest member of the house turned 7!

You know the drill.

Morning doughnuts:

Sweet picture, isn't it? Now, let's back up 10 minutes.  This was the scene.

It started with a disagreement as to who should sit where, then who should stand where for the picture, then someone's foot got stepped on, then fighting contiued, then mom got mad, and then the birthday boy started crying.

But, let's forget about that and get on with the happy stuff, shall we?

Matt chose to head to the park program with Tommy and Ann and hang out with some of his friends.

Matt with his BFF Luke

After lunch, we had a special delivery from Gran and Gramps come in the mail! 

We spent the afternoon at the pool.

Sitting on the edge during Adult Swim.   (Billy's inside playing basketball)

Weeks ago Matthew decided on chicken tacos for dinner.  Before heading out to the pool, I put the ingredients in the crock pot. Our mouths were watering as we drove home hungry for dinner.  Lo and behold, I neglected to turn on the crock pot.  Our next the local pizzeria.  We're going to have chicken tacos tonight.  Fingers crossed that the chicken that stood at room temperature for 3 hours yesterday won't cause us to get Salmonella poisoning today.

Now, back to the happy stuff, shall we?

Since Matthew isn't a big fan of cake, he asked for ice cream.  I found a recipe online for ice cream cake and it turned out delicious.  It was so easy to make, too.

After cake he opened his presents and played his new Jurrassic World Lego Xbox game, giving each of his siblings a turn to play with him.

Bill and I went to bed before the children, leaving them all in their Xbox glory.  I got a little sad that our baby is 7.  I shouted down the stairs telling Matt he was welcome to sleep between the two of us if he wanted to when he came up to bed.

And he did.  He is still such a cuddler, thank goodness.

Happy Birthday, sweet Matthew James.  We love you!


  1. Would love that recipe of the ice cream cake. We have more ice cream lovers at this home.

    Love the picture of the sad kids....that is real life. Best part of real life is that it moves on.

    Hard to believe your baby is 7! That is a big kid! Still hanging onto my baby being 5. I want her 5 forever.

    Happy 4th of July!

  2. Awe! 7!!! Happy birthday to your little cuddler. Your "real" photo...had me LOL! That is SOOOO my family, the description your wrote. To a T! That's why we really don't do group photos these days.

    Happy 4th to you and your family! Enjoy and stay safe!