Sunday, June 12, 2016

Spring Catch-Up: Part 3

This spring catch up is taking me so long to post it's heading into summer!

Anywho... To see Part 1, click here and to see part 2, click here.

Now we're up to Mary.

Sweet child that she is.  I tell you....sometimes it feels like I only have 4 children because she is so darn easy and basically parents herself.  Sometimes she even parents ME when I'm having a meltdown of sorts.

She is one busy bee all the time.  Spring means Track--everyday after school.  She had a great season and PR'd almost every race! 

Tommy and Mary after Celtic Parade

She still takes piano lessons and continues with both band (flute) and orchestra (violin).  These are actual classes in her schedule, but it also means before school rehearsals as well.  There was a band concert, an orchestra concert, a Celtic parade, and she most recently played at the high school's graduation ceremony.

Mary had a birthday last month and turned 15!

Morning donuts (Billy was sick and still in bed)
She went to a band and orchestra award ceremony that night.  Here she is with her fellow freshman.

Mary-middle row 4th from left.
She spends a lot of time making different craft projects, too.  Here she is with a no-sew donut pillow she made.

She's a great young lady and I love her so.


  1. Way to go Mary. So proud of you. Love, Uncle Bob

  2. What a lovely young lady! Happy birthday to Mary :). She's beautiful inside and out.

  3. Good morning Kathleen,

    What a precious daughter you have. I am amazed at how much she accomplishes. What a driven girl! I like that doughnut pillow she make.

    My oldest child was my easiest. Like Mary, she took care of herself, entertained and baked goodies for her siblings, and lifted me up when I was feeling low.

    I am happy for you to have this dear, sweet daughter of yours.