Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Spring Catch-Up: Part 6

It's Matthew's turn.

Matt grew and matured by leaps and bounds this year.  I think I owe it all to his amazing teacher.  I was recalling last summer how he cried when he learned he had Mrs. R.  It was all because he heard she has a tradition in her class of putting on a puppet show and he did NOT want to take part in that!

But lo and behold, the day of the puppet show came and he aced it.  No nerves.  No anxiety.  It was adorable hearing him from underneath the table saying things such as, "Don't be ridukulos" and "Master Elephant, You must face yo foe." in the most adorable kid-talk ever!!

He also played Spring soccer.  It was nice because it was laid back and it consisted of one practice and one game each week.

Two milestones were finally reached:

1. First lost tooth

2. Learning to ride a bike.

He takes great pride in his hair and looks in the mirror and takes selfies to make sure it looks perfect.

He has a beautiful heart.  Check out this cuteness I came across on Tommy's birthday.

 A close-up of the bottom right hand corner:

He makes us all laugh.

He's a great kid who we all love very much.  He is the perfect caboose to our family train.

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  1. He is precious.
    And I know this firsthand. : )

  2. Oh my goodness your Matt what a sweetheart! Love his hair!

  3. Adorable! Look at that smiling face.

  4. The hair cracked selfies...crack me up! What a ham, huh? And a cutie pie! It seems like yesterday that I remember you writing about how he was the last one home. Time flies (too quickly!)

    P.S. Video said it was private.