Saturday, August 6, 2011

My New Favorite Place

  Yesterday we took the kids to Dutch Wonderland. It's an amusement park in Lancaster, PA. It was one of those days where we all were in the right mood at the right time. ( or at the same time I should say ). We left in the early afternoon and arrived somewhere around 4 o'clock. I think arriving then helped us to avoid big crowds. We had about a 10 minute wait on the first ride. While we were waiting, 2 of the kids said it was taking too long. I told them that if they can't wait this long for a turn on a ride, they'd NEVER be able to wait in the long lines at Disney World. That shut them down real quick!

  This place is so great. It was perfect for my kids' ages. It was not too big, not overwhelming, had scary rides and baby rides. This ride here was for young ones. I swear it must go .1 miles an hour it was SO slow.


 We all had a turn on the bumper cars. THAT was fun. I remember as a kid I wanted to feel like a real driver, so I'd avoid the cars at all costs. NOT yesterday though. I was out to get everyone! Even these two.

Way to squeeze in there Dad!
 I did realize though that I really am not the amusement park type. I sort of liked it as a kid, but really I'm just a big scaredy cat now. I went on the log flume....petrified me. Then went on the kiddie roller coaster....felt a bit of nausea. I was relieved when Ann was too scared to go on the sky ride. Well, someone had to stay with her!

 Even this ride I stayed away from. It's a height thing for me. Too many steps up!

There is also a water park side to the place. No swimming, but almost like a playground with lots of water. Matt had a ball here.

The bigger kids had fun going down this slide; actually this was my favorite ride of the day.

 Here's Matt feeding some geese:

He's saying, "Here geesy, geesy"

  Another fun day for all. A day with no tantrums, no one begging for food and drink, no arguing over which rides to go on next. Just fun and togetherness. Here's proof--last picture of the day and we're still smiling :)



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  1. Looks like a fun time was had by all!! The bumper cars look like a tight squeeze for Dad!! :-)