Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shore Bound!

 In a few days we leave for our first annual family vacation!  We're headed to Avalon, NJ. Maybe I wasn't  thinking clearly when we rented a house for the last week of summer vacation. Not only do I have to pack but also make sure we are set for the first day of school when we return.

 Since I've never done this before I'm collecting my thoughts on what to bring. Finding toys and games to bring is a lot easier than planning the menu for the week, that's for sure. We went to the store today and got some game "staples". We should have had these in the house anyway, so I didn't feel like I was splurging.  We already had a checkers set, but some pieces were missing and we had to use coins instead. It's just not the same. Don't you agree?

 When I was in the board game aisle at the store I thought about the endless hours my friends and I played with them as kids. Yes, we had Atari and Intellevision, but we didn't beg to play all. day. long. At least I don't remember we did. I may just start getting these oldie-but-goody type toys as gifts when my kids have a  party to go to.  Would it be the equivilent of bringing bed sheets? (remember that  line  from Toy  Story? When Andy opened one of his presents and it was bed sheets, Mr. Potato Head said, "Who invited THAT kid?")

 And I have to say that I'm guilty of too much technology. Yesterday Tommy came into the room where I was and asked me why I was on the computer all the time. Really? I was just checking my email. I guess I do do that about 50 times a day. Add up all those minutes and we could have a rockin' game of Trouble! Sorry kids. I'll do better.

 Next week we'll be leaving the computer and XBOX behind and we'll have some good old fashion family fun, even if it brings us to the brink of delirium and tremors.


  1. I LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this post!! Board games are so fun. Hope the weather is great and you can be on the beach during the day. I bet the kids are tired and go to bed early.

  2. We're big board gamers over here! I hope your kids love them! We do family game night once a month or so and sometimes we do a family game night with all the cousins too . I'll have to pass on some of our board games to you since your kids are younger !
    I hope you have a FABULOUS vacation !!