Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Strep Throat and Popsicles

 Matthew has strep throat. Poor kid. He was up a lot through the night last night. He was exhausted most of the day. This is him before Motrin:

And this is him after Motrin and a popsicle:

The pediatrician suggested I go home and sterilize everyone's toothbrush fearing the germ may spread through those. I've been there before. Maybe that  is why on the same day I spent a small fortune getting them all the fancy, battery operated brushes (they begged ) I got this new fancy toothbrush holder below. It's a  mixing bowl.

 What is more unsightly? The kitchen bowl toothbush holder or my 80's style yellow sinks and countertops??  Or perhaps it's the in-need-of-caulk sink? Or maybe the messy paste on the counter? It's a toss up.

  One good thing about sickness is all the cuddling involved.


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  1. Poor guy! Hope he feels better soon.