Saturday, June 8, 2013

Summer Wish Lists

Last night at dinner we each made our summer wish list.  The rules were that they had to put at least 10 items on their lists and half of them had to take place at home.  I was really impressed with what they came up with.  It warmed my heart that so many had to do with being all together.

We took turns reading our lists out loud.  I made a list as well. (Dad wasn't here so his is missing.) 

Thomas (age 9):
1.Community Center to play tennis or go to the pool.
2.Talent Show (put on their own).
3.Family picnic.
5.Cook of the Day.
6.Family trips (car trips).
7. Five minutes of playtime with each family member one on one.
8.Kickball ( Mom, Billy, and Tommy vs. Dad, Mary, Ann, and Matt).
9.Board games.

 Matthew (age 4): XBox.
2.Read out loud with the family.
3.Hug our family; group hugs.
4.Amusement park.
5.Take Vader for a walk.
6.Go into sprinkler.
7.Like Mom really much.
8.Play Crazy 8's.
9.Make new best friends.
10.Go to the pool.

Ann (age 8):
1.Camping in backyard.
2.Read with the family.
3.More family cuddling.
4.Go on a family picnic
5.Go to the park.
6.Go on a bike ride.
7.Play Monopoly.
8.Draw a family portrait.
9.Go to a museum.
10. Go to Gran and Gramps' house.
11. Dance together.
12 Have a campfire.

Billy (age 13):
1. Go to Miami (he's been a Miami Heat fan for years).
2.Get dropped off at community center.
3.Play kickball.
4.Have a catch with Dad.
5.Home Run Derby with neighbor friends and Dad and Tommy.
6.Cook dinners.
7.Wall ball.
8.Disney World.
10. Phillies Game.

Mom(age 42):
1.Library visits.
3.organize and clean garage.
4.have a yard sale.
5.visit Dad in D.C.
6.paint the dining room.
7. 9a.m. exercise....all 6 of us....walk, bike, etc. every M, T, Th.
8.Board games.
9. Free movies at the theater.
10. Franklin Institute. (and have lunch with the 2 uncles who work in Philly).

***Mom's wish lists for kids***
1. One book + book report/review a week.
2.Practice piano every day.  (Mary adds in violin too)
3.Call a grandparent or uncle/aunt once a week. (I hope the family members don't mind)
4.Good deed a week (notes to someone, bake for someone, etc.)
5.Playdates with friends
6.Start answering the phone for speaking experience.
7.Learn how to do laundry.
8.Cook a meal once a week.
9. Write in journal every day.
10. School workbooks.
 11. Billy-start a blog.  Mary start a family newspaper. (their ideas)

Mary(age 12):
1.Talent Show
2. Craft Day
3.Movie Night
4.Family newspaper
5.Science experiments/oragami
6.Make an obstacle course.
7.Field Day
8.Amusement Park
9.Water Park
10. Make s'mores

That should keep us busy for a while.


  1. Kathleen...I love this. I love the idea and their choices...looks like a fun, family summer in your house! : )

    P.S. Guess what I had at Taco Bell last night? Yep...3 Supreme Tacos! I could have eaten more...and have you tried the Cherry Limeade sparkler?? Yummmmmm!

  2. Just catching the lists! What great ideas.

  3. We make a summer fun list as well. The fist year it was a bit crazy and not much got we scale it back a bit. It looks like you have a lot of fun activities to look forward to this summer.

  4. What a great idea: lists from everyone! I admit to having a favorite from all you of what shared (shhh, we won't tell the others). "7. Like Mom really much." Awwwwww. did you absolutely melt?

    1. I'll admit that was my favorite too. Yes, my heart did melt!