Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Plans Or Not

Today was the last full day of school.  Tomorrow is a half day.  Then summer vacation starts.

I haven't planned a darn thing, except joined the community center pool and signed two of them up for Vacation Bible School.

Not planning anything was partly my way of rebelling against those people who look you square in the eye and ask, "What do you have planned for your kids all summer?"  and lord help you if you don't have weekly camps on the agenda.

I usually scramble with my answer to try to make us sound busier than we will be.  But in actuality, they're going to play.  And read.  And do chores.  And watch TV.  And chill.  And relax.  And learn some new tasks around the house.  And eat me out of house and home, I imagine.

Is that good?

I do think  a schedule is in order for the sole purpose of keeping the peace.  I'm sure I'll fill out my trusty Chore Board.  I also plan to have them continue their meal planning and cooking each week like last summer.  That was fun.

But, did you know we are "The ONLY family in the entire state of Pennsylvania who hasn't been to Dorney Park"?

And because of that statement, I have tasked each of them to make a list of 10 things they'd like to do this summer. 

Those lists alone will make a good blog post and I'll be sure to share it.

 Wish us luck.


  1. I did not sign our kids up for camps either! G made it on a summer basketball league. E is going to take gymnastics. I get the same questions from parents here. Since our last day of school is 6/25, and the kids are going to my parents' for a week - it only leaves 7 weeks of a break!

  2. SIGN ME UP as a family without camps too! Actually, I'm lying -- Jaime has a babysitting camp but it's because she really wants to be certified as one. Aside from our 1 big vaca, we plan on doing the same thing you are doing -- a couple of instrument lessons and some tutoring in there -- Oh, wait -- I did charter them both with learning to type. Maybe some day trips here and there. Care to come over and swim one day?????

  3. Oh, Kathleen, how well I remember those days. I was always on the same page as you--they need to learn to occupy themselves and be creative! It isn't our job as parents to plan every minute and I think it is a big detriment in the long run if we do. Your statement about Dorney Park made me laugh :) If you get to Hersheypark this summer, look me up, as I'm only a few minutes away from there! Have a great summer!

  4. Oh Kathleen I. Love. This. I could not agree with you more...We are doing the same thing. Nothing. They play, read, bake, swing, walk, watch tv, watch more tv, and just find new ways to have fun. I love your meal planning and cooking idea. Stealing it, ok?

    Enjoy these slow, precious days of summer, dear friend!

  5. Play.. read...chill... 'Is that good?," you ask?

    O yeah!!!

  6. Sounds delightful! May I move in? (just kidding - don't panic!) If you want to come to RH for a sailing week, let us know. Otherwise, have a wonderful summer by the pool! xo

  7. No camps. Never been to Dorney. Looking forward to being bored.

  8. The last comment was me, Donnalee, but I couldn't figure out my google password or what a url is.

  9. I think kids and moms need down time during the summer. I do have my kids each in two camps one being a bible school camp and then one other camp and only in the month of June. July and August are free...

  10. Hi Kathleen,
    No camps here either! Nothing wrong with "chilling" during the summer - that's the plan here too :) Enjoy!!