Thursday, June 6, 2013

*Warning* Gruesome Content

Tommy has had a string of bad luck lately.

Last month, it was his bike accident.  Shortly after that, a black eye from a failed catch of a baseball;  and last week a near-drowning in the neighbor's pool.  ( I may be exaggerating a bit on that, but he thought he was going to die, so that's what I'm calling it.).

However, yesterday it was Billy who had the misadventure; and only three hours into his summer vacation.

He was at his friend's house playing basketball.  The hoop they were playing on has a chain for a net rather than the usual rope kind.  Billy tried to dunk.....

(Are you sitting down?  You may want to sit down.)

His nose got caught in the chain.  He tore his nostril completely through, a half inch up his nose.

It was quite a sight.  So, into the car and off to the ER we went. Four hours, a plastic surgeon, and 20 stitches later we were home.  Billy now has a story that can't quite top Tommy getting hit by a car, but it comes close in the "OMG" department, and has definitely left more battle scars.

I must say what a trooper Billy was the entire time.  He wouldn't look at it himself, but he could tell by my skeevish, yet fascinated reaction that it was a serious injury.  He says the worst part was the needle to numb the area but even then he held still and didn't complain once.  He even wanted to go to his baseball game that night.

I love that kid.


  1. Thanks for the content-warning. I cringed but read on, thinking of how YOU must have felt, remembering gruesome and terrifying events when my own kids were young. Yes, Billy is indeed a trooper... and I have a suspicion you are as well. I'm saying a prayer that the healing will be swift and thorough. Maybe I'll add a "PS" that it would be awfully nice if your family had a nice ooooooong stretch of accident-free months! :) !

  2. Oh my goodness, Kathleen! Your poor son! And poor you, because as we all know, when one of our children is hurting, we hurt twice as bad...

    I am so sorry for all this trauma you are having...let's say you have had your fill now. Time for one peace and quiet, dear friend!

  3. Wishing all of you a calm, quiet & safe summer vacation.

  4. I'm amazed we mothers survive sometimes. I hope there are no more accidents this summer!