Monday, July 14, 2014

A Guest Post: Perfectly Imperfect

Her assignment was to write about something you believe. 

   Perfectly Imperfect

by Mary S., March 2014 (7th grade)

Perfect: entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings. 

Nobody is perfect. But to me, that isn’t exactly right. People say that nobody’s perfect.  I think we are all perfectly imperfect.

So, that is what I believe. 

I believe everybody is perfectly imperfect.

Being perfectly imperfect also means having and accepting your differences. You see different people everywhere. People have different skin, hair, and eye colors. Everybody has different styles, and personalities. There are different heights, and so much more. There are even differences you never even notice, like different fingerprints, and even patterns on your tongue!

What would it be like if everyone was the same? Wouldn’t life be boring? You should show how unique you are. There are probably times when you feel like a waste of space, or don’t belong on the face of the earth. You have to tell yourself that you are here for a reason, and your imperfections are perfect. And no matter what you look like, being perfect is about what is on the inside. To me, being perfect is not being flawless; it is being who you are. Everybody has flaws. They shouldn’t be something to be frustrated over, but something to improve.

People are like puzzle pieces. Nobody is exactly the same, everybody has their own place, and everybody was meant to be here, in this one giant puzzle we call Earth. If we all weren’t unique like puzzle pieces, we wouldn’t fit together. We would know everything about each other if we were all the same! We are all snowflakes, each one different and meant to be admired.

Our uniqueness, differences, and imperfectness are just part of life. Learning to accept your differences is important. Life is the opposite of boring when you show how unique you are. Some people say that nobody’s perfect. I do not think that is true. I believe that everybody has beautiful flaws and differences. I believe that everybody is perfectly imperfect.

And always remember: YOU are perfectly imperfect.


  1. Mary, well written and perfectly worded! Life truly would be boring if we were all perfect, wouldn't it? Great observations here!

  2. WOW! Wise words from one so young. Way to go, Mary!! Thanks, Kathleen, for sharing.

  3. Hi Mary and Kathleen! Well done! I agree completely with your theme here. Everyone has flaws, that's the truth, and we wouldn't be the same without them.
    I so agree that perfection is completely overrated. How boring! Being different is perfect, and makes the world a more interesting and compassionate place.
    Happy Tuesday,

  4. Mary,
    You are inspiring. : )
    Beautifully written...

  5. Perfectly Imperfectly Awesome!
    Beth K

  6. Please tell Mary I love this and I think she is an awesome kid !! If only more adults had that much maturity and wisdom !!!!


  7. Wonderful, Mary Kate, and beautifully written! A teacher once told my class that our life was like needle-pointing a beautiful piece of art. On the underside it looked messy with thread hanging down and knots, but on the topside a beautiful picture was being created. All of the "flaws" were actually making a perfect, magnificent design - and that is how we are. We see the knots and ends of thread in us, but, if we are cooperating with God, God sees the perfect creation that each of us is in His design. I will use your puzzle idea in my classroom this year. Each puzzle piece will have a boy's name on it to show my boys how we all fit together to make a perfectly wonderful class! Thank you for being the wonderful granddaughter that you are!

  8. I so enjoyed reading this!! Wonderful job Mary Kate!!

  9. Mary Kate, Perfectly stated from a perfectly lovely granddaughter!