Sunday, July 6, 2014

Scenes From A Birthday

On July 2 Matthew turned 6!!

 Morning Doughnuts:

Two strange birthday requests....deodorant and a trick toy knife, the kind with the disappearing dagger.

After a play date at the park with Moms and Tots in 91 degree weather, we cooled off with some Oreo Coolattas.  It had to be done.

Unfortunately, a bad storm came our way in the afternoon so we couldn't go to the pool like he wanted to. 

Dad's home:

Pizza for dinner and brownies for dessert.

I have had so much fun with this little guy over the last six years.  He's our most strong-willed child, for sure.  But he makes us laugh and has been a joy in our lives.

We love you, Matt.  Happy 6th Birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday to your baby, Kathleen!!!!!
    A sweetie, that one!

  2. Hey Kid, Happy Birthday! Now, beat it!. Love Uncle Bob

  3. Happy birthday Matthew!!! I love his ace in all of these pictures. Every group needs some spice!

  4. Happy birthday to your little man!!! Wishing him abundant blessings! What a good looking crew you have there. I LOVE his birthday requests Ha ha ha!