Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Little Project

Trash to treasure.  That's what was on my mind when I came across this little chair at the thrift store.

The price tag read 97 cents. Perfect. A good practice piece.

I immediately thought I could do something like this with it.

320 Sycamore blog
 My chair didn't have quite the detail, but I still thought I could make it look pretty.

Mary Kate was on board and it quickly became her project.  I told her we should keep it under $10. That way if it didn't work out well, we wouldn't be in the hole for too much money.
When it came time to look for fabric, of course we liked a pricey pattern.  That's where our budget sort of went out the window.

She worked at taking off the cushion and did some sanding.

She spray painted.

She cut fabric and fit it on carefully with a stapler. (yes, a regular stapler.  Hope it holds:) )

Drumroll please....


The finished piece.  We think it looks great for first timers.  It sits under her bedroom window.

In the end, we learned some things.  Such as, yes, it's a good idea to spray paint outside, but if you're doing it in grass, use a tarp or you may end up spraying blades of grass to the legs of your chair.

Also, it takes a certain technique to spray paint without leaving drip marks on the furniture. We also learned that a small seat cushion didn't need a whole yard of fabric.  All tidbits of info that we now know for our next project.

The final numbers:

Chair: 97 cents
Can of paint: 5.99
Fabric: $8.99/yard

Total cost:$15.95

Time spent together was well worth the $5.95 over budget.



  1. Mary Kate will remember and be proud forever! xo

  2. Look at you two...
    All crafty and such!

  3. Looks great! I'm so impressed!!

  4. Ba-da-bing! Now THAT'S my kind of project! I love how it turned out and it gives quite a pop of color. Way to go, girls!

  5. Looks great! Way to go...Love Bobby

  6. Hi Kathleen! I love the make-over! (I bet the person who sold it for 97 cents wouldn't believe how good it could look.) And never would have thought of that bright yellow. It looks stunning! And what a fun project for your daughter...she learns a craft and budgeting all at the same time. Win/win!

    What's next?

  7. Love the chair redo, it's adorable and I bet she's proud that she did it pretty much by herself too! :o)

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my nightstand redo!