Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Scenes From A Birthday

Guess who turned 10.

March 16th

Also known as: Annie, Ann Theresa.  Annie Reese.  Ann Pan.  Shark.

During breakfast and morning doughnuts (the big kids had left for school already):

Weird brothers:

Vader's birthday was the day before Ann's. He's 8.

Our two 10 year olds (until April 6th)

Later that day.....

Cake and ice cream. (post showers, hence the wet hair and pj's)

I can't believe our baby girl is in double digits.

Happy birthday, Annie.  You are one adorable, fun, good-hearted, smart, and loveable girl; and you have the best giggles.

We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday, Ann! Wish you lived closer! Miss seeing you. Hope you have a great year! xo

  2. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter, Kathleen!!!!
    Looks as if she had a great and happy day. : )
    And I LOVE you new look here!!!!
    I am totally jealous of all your header links.
    I have no idea how to do that!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday! 10 is a big deal!

    Love goofy boys..makes for fun and laughs.

  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little lady. It looks like she had a great day!

  5. Happy birthday to Annie!! Double digits, woo hoo! She is beautiful.

    And you have Irish twins!! I'm always impressed with mamas who were blessed with Irish twins.