Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring?

Today is the first day of Spring, so we went to Rita's to get the free water ice.

It was cold.

Happy first day of Spring from Northeast Pennsylvania.


  1. Same here!!!!
    It has to be the last, right! : )

  2. No snow here in MN! We are actually in a spring drought and they are forecasting a drought this summer which is scary because we are planting trees...well we have a lot of trees and they could die. So we could use rain...or snow! Happy Spring!

  3. Thanks for popping by Kathleen! I love coming to visit and find new blogs.

    I feel so much for you out East folks - as you're getting the Spring we had for the past 2 years and it stunk!

    Will pray Spring comes to visit you SOON! Have a lovely weekend. xo

  4. Oh that picture made me laugh!

  5. Nice! Happy Spring! Enjoy it. :)