Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow Days

The last two days have been snow days here.  At this rate, we'll be making up school days in June! 

Here are the pictures I captured over the last couple of days.

Playing in the snow (or in my case, shoveling) hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, games, silly hats, friends and a warm fireplace....all add up to good times I tell you. 


  1. Perfect!!!!
    Everything looks perfect!!!!
    Peyton and Rhett love Battleship!!!
    Hope the sun shines soon. : )

  2. Fun but love that you are rockin the SLS shirt!!!!

  3. Snow brings fun outside and inside. We are going to have a huge melt next week. We went from January temps to May in 2 days..crazy! Minnesota hardly got any snow this year.

    I like seeing big and little kids!

  4. You guys look like you're not letting winter get you down. I'm sure the sun coming out will be so much better for all of you.

    Happy weekend!

  5. Oh Kathleen! The snowy photo of your house belongs on a card! It is just beautiful!

    And they think we should be buying into this globals warming crud. Righhhhht.

    Here's hoping to some more spring-like weather real soon ;)

  6. Good times, indeed! Looks like fun!

  7. I like your mirror selfie!

    We are expecting temps in the 40s all week. I have mixed feelings, I kind of like the peace and quiet of snow days!