Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Time Out With Teens

Thanks to parent-teacher conferences at the high school and middle school, my two teenagers had a half day of school.  They each fell on different days, so it was the perfect time for some one-on-one time with their mom.

We all know the way to a teenagers heart is through their bellies, so we went to lunch.

First, Mary Kate and I went to Panera.

 This was the view from our table:

 Afterwards, since we both like to window shop, we went to Home Goods....

  .....where we saw a chair dressed like the one she made back here.

A few days later it was Billy's turn for a half day.  He loves one-on-one time with me. (add sarcasm)  But he does love burgers, so it didn't take much convincing.

We checked out Jake's Wayback Burger.  We had never been there before.  Not sure we'll be making our wayback there, though.  It tasted like Wendy's but 5x the price!

There was no window shopping with him. (believe me, I tried)  He preferred a little weekday Xbox time.

It's funny how once your child turns into a teenager you start counting backwards from 18.  I keep thinking of the amount of time left before they start college. It's flying by so quickly and I'm treasuring this time before our family dynamic will change.  However, I never miss an opportunity to remind them about the many good colleges within commuting distance from our house.




  1. What I love about your pictures...SMILES! I love seeing people who smile. Yes...savor every moment with these teens...even when they lounge around and play video games. They are home. It goes so fast and they get so busy with their adult young adult lives. I never ever thought it would happen to ME! Thought these children would be around forever.

  2. You are the best.
    What funnnnn!
    It passes quickly.
    But you are enjoying and savoring every moment...I can see.
    That last picture?

  3. I know how you feel about the days passing too quickly. I keep reminding Cate to look locally for colleges and Heather keeps recommending she fly away to school. Ahhh, sisters.....

  4. Over the last two weeks I have taken some time to spend with each of my kiddos as well...it is so important. I am doing the same thing counting down home many. Ore Christmas vacations, summer vacations and birthdays I have with Isabella living at home. Love all the pictures if your special time with your kids but the last one oh my ❤️