Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Birthday Girl

Mary Kathleen turned 11 years old today!

Here's a walk down memory lane. (digital camera era only)

Virginia - 2010
Here are some pictures from her day today.
Morning doughnuts

Requested: cheesecake by Mary Kate/ regular cake by other kids
Matt not liking the delay in dessert

And the gift is.....
Sister love.

There are not enough kind words to describe Mary Kate.  She's got a big heart and everyone in the house loves to be with her.  (In other words, she fights the least with everyone.)

I'm amazed at her growing talents in piano, violin, and running. 

She's graceful.  She's sweet. 

She eats my dinners whether she likes them or not.

She's very cranky when she doesn't get enough sleep, but is always the one begging to stay up late.

She loves to go shopping.  

She likes to steal my shoes. (yes, she fits in some of them)

***Mary Kate, you are so wonderful and loved very much.  Happy Birthday my sweet girl!***


  1. she is a beautiful young lady! happy birthday Mary Kate!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Mary!! Thank you for being Riley's friend!

  3. Happy Birthday, Mary Kate!!! My gosh, I cannot believe these kids are growing up so fast!!! I wish I could see them all more. Give her hugs and kisses from us!!
    Love the picture with Annie !! Too Cute !!!!

    Love you, MaryKate!!!


  4. These pictures are cute, Kathleen! Happy Birthday to Mary Kate!