Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Highlights

Mary Kate has been part of an after school running program.  It was for the girls in her 5th grade class.  It was every Friday over the last 13 weeks and was to culminate with the Race for Adam.  This race is an annual event in this area to raise funds for a disease called Nieman Pick Disorder, a rare genetic disorder that causes severe, progressive neurological symptoms.

This 5k race was Saturday.  Billy and I decided to run with Mary Kate.  It was a beautiful morning.  The feel of this race was a lot different than my first 5k I did in September. That one back then wasn't a fundraiser and had some serious runners in it.  This one was a run/walk and most people were there for the cause. There were lots of familiar faces, Star Wars characters, food, and fun for all.

Billy and Mary Kate did quite well, and left their mom in the dust!  I had to walk for some of it, but it was so exciting that I wasn't too hard on myself about it.  It's just given me extra incentive to start running again.

"Fireworks" after school running club
Billy at the finish.
Mary Kate at the finish.
Tommy in his glory, and a Storm Trooper.
Ann with her friend Zoe and Vader
Sunday was fun too.  I took the girls to the annual Doll Show in town.  It's been our tradition now for 5 years.  There are some serious "doll" people out there.  We aren't one of those, but we like to see the old and the new.  I let the girls pick out one cheap inexpensive thing to bring home.  I get a kick out of some of the "vintage" dolls we see.  This year I was transported back to the days of riding in my Dad's Pontiac Catalina.  He used to have the small Snap, Crackle, and Pop dolls we won inside the boxes of Rice Krispies. They were on his back dashboard for years, faded from the sun. A vendor at the doll show had Snap.  She also had Donny and Marie dolls.  Oh, how I loved them.  I've never gotten anything, but if I ever find the Bionic Woman doll I had as a kid with it's removable skin to reveal the bionics, I am SO buying it!

Later in the day I met up with the Sexy Six. We only get to see each other about 3 times a year, but it's a great little booster shot of friendship being with them.

The "Six"- Mary Alice, Rose, Peggy, Marianne, me, and Tricia

What a great weekend.  It's almost as if it was Mother's Day weekend a week early.  And yes, I did mean to say Mother's Day weekend.....because it's only right, right?


  1. good for you! sounds like a great weekend foe everyone! we all need those kind once and awhile!

  2. Nothing wrong with walking part of it. If it was me I'd walk ALL of it! In other words:
    Great job!

  3. <3 I love when we make the blog!!!! I know, I know... I'm being selfish!!!! hahahaha!!


    love you

  4. sounds like a great weekend! we must be about the same age - i had the donny and marie dolls and the bionic woman doll, too! I think my mom still has the Marie doll...not sure about Bionic Woman!

    Awesome that you and your kids did that race--what a great experience for all of you and your kids to raise money/awareness for a disease!

  5. That's so great to have friends like that for so long. I'm jealous - but happy for you! :)