Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad

I don't clearly remember the first time I met my father in law.  I know it was on Christmas Eve.  I know I was nervous to meet him and the rest of the family.  That was 15 years ago.

I have seen him very clearly since then.  Because Bill and I lived a bit farther away, we often stayed overnight at my in-law's house after family gatherings.  In the mornings, we would be greeted with pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast.  Dad had been up already for a while to let the dogs out and would have started breakfast.  Many times he was already back from getting doughnuts at the store.  I never knew if this was just par for the course at their house, or simply just him spoiling his new daughter in law.  (I'd like to assume the latter).

Dad was Bill's best man at our wedding.  There could not have been a finer choice. He is strong....strong in faith, strong in service, and strong in character. He has spent his life doing for others.

As a Marine:

As a Dad:

And as Gramps!

I have video from our wedding that shows Dad giving his toast.  It was a gem.  His last line was this:

"As you continue to grow in care and love for one another, may it be exceeded only to the degree to which you come to love God more."

Recently I went on a long car ride with him and Mom.  About halfway in to the three hour ride, he pulls out his rosary and starts praying. That speaks volumes.

He is truly a man to be admired.  I cannot thank him enough for the wonderful example he has given and continues to give to Bill and me.

 Today I'd like to wish him a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Dad!  I love you.


  1. What a nice Birthday tribute!!! Happy Birthday to him!!!
    You are lucky to have such great in laws, and grandparents for the kids !! God Bless him and thank him for his service to our country !!

  2. Thi made me cry!!! I never knew he was Bill's best man. That is so beautiful and this is a lovely tribute.

  3. Kathleen, that is a beautiful tribute that you have given to Dad. Thank you so much for giving him such a wonderful gift. You are right; he has spent his entire life taking care of others. Yet, it is not a chore; his family gives him great joy and doing things for them makes him smile. You have contributed greatly to that joy by your blog, and the smile that you gave him today is a mile wide! xo

  4. This is wonderful. Happy belated birthday to your father in law!

    I love how he got his rosary out on the car ride. that does speak volumes!