Sunday, May 20, 2012

Little Man

Matthew was sick last week.  We're still not sure what it was.  He had high fevers for 6 days.  On day 5 he had to have bloodwork.  What a trooper this kid was!!  He closed his eyes and looked away.  He cried a little but the real tears/screams/thrashing came when the phlebotomist tried to put a bandage on him!

We headed straight to the hospital cafeteria when it was over. This is what he chose.  Nothing like a Screwball  and O.J. to help the hurts go away for a 3 year old.

At first the doctor thought it was a virus, so he had no meds.  But once we did finally start the antibiotics he started feeling better.  We're still waiting results from the bloodwork, but it's possible we may never know what it was. 

I'm just glad by Sunday he was almost back to his normal self and climbing trees.
Well, wishing he was.


  1. <3

    I wanted to text tonight to check on him( and you) but I was afraid it was too late. Glad he's getting a bit better .


  2. I hope he feels better soon! I will keep him in my prayers.