Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summertime: Week 4

    The first order of business when school ended 4 weeks ago was to re-vamp the Chore Board.

I came up with this system (if you can call it that ) mostly to avoid excessive use of the following phrases: "Mom, can I watch TV?" and "Mom, can I play XBOX?" I figured if they had specific times they could play video games or watch TV, that would lessen the amount of times I had to say "no". Good, right?

  My favorite part of the Chore Board is the side panel labled "Uh-Oh Jobs".  These are simple tasks the children have to do if they break a rule, misbehave, talk back, or dare say, "I'm bored".  For a
few weeks the novelty of it got a lot of laughs. But that's gotten old lately and I'd say it's been about a week since there has been a house violation. Good for them! BUT, more cleaning for me!!

  Here is a picture of my 5 joys on the morning my husband accidentally took my car keys to work.

 They look surprisingly happy considering we were stuck at home all day. They must have forgotten about the dreaded Chore Board lurking inside.

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