Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

 Today is my Dad's birthday. He is a wonderful father who has been faithful to his family all of his life. One of his big lessons in life was the importance of a thank you note. Well, hopefully this blog entry will be a quick thank you for all he's given, taught, and demonstrated over the years.

 One memory my siblings and I share is our annual beach vacations. Because my sister and I couldn't swim, he'd take us out into the ocean. He'd hold on to our hands and when a big wave came he'd yank, er, I mean lift our arms up to the sky to carry us over it. I think at the time I didn't mind it. I was just grateful that he kept me from drowning.

 You could say that his parenting was similar to those times at the beach. Always willing to hold our hand and keep us out of harm's way. He didn't say much, but we knew he had our best interests at heart. He led by example and gave us good values. He was strict, but we knew he loved us.

 When he lost my Mom after 38 years of marriage, it was a trememdous loss for him; he had to learn a new way of living. At the same time he showed us how strong he was by moving forward. If he were to describe himself, I doubt strong would come to mind. But he is....strong in mind, strong in love, and strong in faith.

 I love you Dad. I wish you a year of happiness and peace and many more to follow.

                                                              Jim and Mary
                                                              May 13, 1961


  1. What a beautiful tribute to your Dad. I hope he sees it! And Happy Birthday to him!

  2. What a wonderful photo!

    I am so happy for you that you have such a good father.

    :) Hope