Sunday, July 10, 2011

So Groovy

  Some days it seems like a never-ending battle limiting TV time. It's tough, especially on those days when there is nowhere to go or nothing special planned.  However, today I came across our Season 2 DVD of The Brady Bunch!! This show was a childhood staple at my house growing up. What a classic!

  Correct me if I'm wrong but letting my kids watch this show DOES NOT COUNT for TV time! It educates my children on so many things: right and wrong, ups and downs, problem solving, good values and strong family bonding. What could be better? So today we ditched the Summer Bridge Books and watched a few episodes of the show.

 My 6 year old Ann is always quick to point out that our family  follows the same pattern as the Brady's and all we need is one more girl! Oh Annie, you're so cute!

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