Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still Learning

 Yesterday my good friend Mary came over and spent  hours with me on this blog. I wanted to learn more about blogging and she's somewhat of a blogger guru, so I asked her if she could help me.

 Anyone who knows me knows I have difficulty asking for help. Mary has offered help many times in the past and she basically has to hit  me over the head for me to accept. Well, this time I went to her and asked for help. Quite the milestone for me. But it also says a lot about her. She's one of those people who is thinking I did her a favor yesterday instead of the other way around. Don't believe me? Read her blog. ( attempting to add the link here, but not sure I can. If it doesn't work, try the sidebar on the right that reads, "Me Myself and Mercy")  If it works, we'll have another milestone!

 Here's a picture of my friend.....beautiful inside and out. ( not to mention the only one who leaves comments on my new blog!!  Hint, hint )


  1. OMG...HOW did you get that link to work? OR...maybe it works for other people NOT using IE9! worked perfectly. I love you Kathleen, Bill and your 5 mysteries!!

  2. I agree! I've read her blog and I can tell that she is beautiful inside and out :)