Friday, July 29, 2011

The Simple Things

  Ever since I got my new camera the kids ask more and more for me to take their picture. I think their hope is that they'll make it to the blog. They asked me to get my camera tonight, so I snapped a few shots during our bedtime routine, mentioning that their hair was not particularly blog-worthy.

 Today was one of those days that seemed to go on forever. I have to admit I was a bit irritable and snapped at every little thing. You'd never know it by the way the kids were acting tonight. They were so happy and goofing around a lot. They seemed to ignore my pleas for peace and quiet and went on laughing and giggling. After a while I just had to give in and laugh with them.

  At bedtime I sometimes do something my Mom used to do to me. I wrap them up in their covers coccoon-like and say "snug as a bug in a rug". Not sure if this is a universal saying. You may know it too. However, my kids love it when I do it. It's one of those simple things that means so much to them. I know this because it's a fond memory for me too. Anyway, I did this tonight and as I was walking  out of the room and down the hall I heard Ann say to Mary, "I love my Mom." She didn't say this for me to hear, but I did.

  And isn't that the way it always seems to go? When you feel like you'd come in last place for Mother of the Year, one of your lovies just comes out with something that melts your heart. She still loves me after all of the griping I did today. No wonder Jesus loves the little children. They are much like Him. Unconditional love.  And THAT is blog-worthy!


  1. That is MOST CERTAINLY blog-worthy!

  2. Good morning Kathleen,

    I saw that you had visited my vacation post this morning. I wanted to leave you a comment on one of your posts that I had not seen before.

    This is such a precious story. Isn't having children the most rewarding thing one could ever do! They all look so darling. Wow - how time has gone by - they are all so little!

    Have a beautiful Monday!