Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Celebrating 17 Years

On Saturday Bill and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary. 
We both got up early---Bill, because his internal clock is just set that way---and me, because I was taking Mary to her track meet with the Junior Olympics.  We had a long, busy day ahead of us.

Mary--track meet
Ann--first day of instructional field hockey
Billy--make-up baseball game
Tommy--birthday party
Big Bill--return suit pants/cut the grass.
Kathleen--shop for Father's Day gift
(Matt....along for the ride)
Family--graduation party.

We handled the day like champs....divide and conquer. It went smoothly and we met up for the last hour of the graduation party.

It was definitely not a typical anniversary with dinner and a side of romance.  But I couldn't help but be thankful for being where we are.... for this life we've created together. (with help from above, of course).  When I dreamed as a little girl what married life would be like, it was just as it is right now. 

I couldn't be more happy with my partner in crime. 

 Happy Anniversary, Bill.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

End Of The School Year Happenings

School let out for our kids last Friday but some good stuff happened in the weeks leading up to that. 


There was the band/orchestra concert

Ann with her BFF Aubrey
 There was the chorus concert...
 ....and there was the 5th grade "Early Rock N' Roll" Concert.

*Mary's last two weeks of school included 2 amusement park trips, a Broadway show (Wicked) with the 8th grade band and orchestra, field day, a district wide 8th grade track meet, and recognition for her academic achievement at a special award ceremony. 

Mary and Alianna...Lamp of Learning winners!
There is no graduation ceremony for the 8th graders at her school, but it's official....she's off to high school.

*Tommy's 5th grade class had their Colonial Days symposium...
 ....and end of the year picnic.

 *Matthew's class performed a Reader's Theater....Jack and the Beanstalk.  They also read an original piece.  Billy had a half day of school and was able to come with me.

* The last day of school, waiting for the bus.  This was the last time these 3 will be together waiting for the elementary school bus.  Tommy is off to middle school next year.

Mary and Claire, our neighbor, home from middle school.

Last ones home....with Tony, our beloved bus driver.

 It didn't take long for the signs of summer to start appearing.

*We are still finishing up our baseball season. 

Waiting for milkshakes

With all of that end of year fun, I'm not sure how to make summer measure up.

But we'll try.