Thursday, August 29, 2013


Both our middle school and elementary school found evidence of mold over the last few weeks.  This delayed the opening of school by one day for Billy and Mary Kate.  They started Tuesday instead of Monday.

However, the elementary school is still waiting for the remediation process to be finished.  As of now, it will be after Labor Day.

Matthew, who has been very apprehensive about starting Kindergarten, has started easing up on the idea now that the wait is taking so long!  Exasperated he says, "When is the first day going to BE here?"

It has not been lost on me how lucky I am that I am at home and not needing to find childcare.  What a pain in the neck it must be for those parents who are working!

Fall baseball (who's idea was that, by the way?) and cross country have started.  We continue with band, orchestra, and piano.  CCD will start soon.  So, we are slowly getting back into a routine.

This has made a reappearance as well....revamped a bit.

Summer is over.  Time to get busy. 

 What a difference a week makes.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Morning Glories

A little five year old blonde boy made his way into my bed early this morning.  I didn't look at the clock but the sun was already shining so I'm guessing it was around 6 a.m.  He threw his arm around my neck and fell back to sleep.  Joy...for more reasons than one.

At 6:30, my alarm officially woke me.  A beautiful twelve year old brunette needed to get to band camp by 7:15.  With her silk in one hand and violin in the other, she smiled all the way there.

By 7:30 I was home again and a handsome thirteen year old boy sat playing his beloved XBox, peaceful and in his glory.

I made my way up to an empty bedroom with my coffee cup and laptop in hand, checking on those wonderful blogs that uplift my spirits and encourage me in faith.

Around 7:45, a sleepy eyed nine year old made his way to the kitchen, decided he wasn't hungry and settled in on the couch, under a blanket, patiently waiting his turn on the XBox.

8am: I lay back in my bed next to the still-sleeping five year old.  Facing me on the pillow I notice the quick, involuntary movements one makes as they slowly start to wake up...the bending finger, the twitch of the mouth, the swallowing of saliva, and the big stretch that finally opens his eyes.  I'm greeted by the story of the bad dream that brought him to my bed in the first place.

8:10.  Last one up, the eight year old sweetheart, already dressed but unable to find her belt. I find it in the place where it's supposed to be, her drawer.

I wonder what other gifts this day has in store for me.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Spas, Science, and Sleepovers

Spa* The girls had been asking for a special Girls Day Out.  They wanted to go to a spa for facials, manicures, and pedicures.  I suggested we go the more economical route and do an "at home" spa day.  They were just as pleased with this idea because from what I gathered they just wanted to spend time together.

We locked the boys out and went to town in my bathroom.

So excited.  I think Ann's about to burst.

I have never had a facial, so I was totally winging it.

They got their nails done and make up too, but I forgot to get a picture.  We had a distraction/break-in.

Science* We have a membership to the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.  Since Friday was our last "free day" of summer vacation ( band camp for two weeks, then the beach, then school) we decided it was the best day to go.

Check out these crazy photos.  The ones on the left are age progression.  The ones on the right are age + sun damage, obesity, or that of a smoker.


Mary Kate


Freaky, right?

This one's a little sweeter.

Sleepover* Every year in August my lifelong friends and I have our annual sleepover.  I look forward to this all year.  For our history click here.  For last year's post on this event click here.

It's amazing how different we all are, but the feeling that our six parts make up a very special whole is a great feeling.  They are one of the greatest gifts I have in life.

 We played Hedbands.

 Our first sleepover was 15 years ago.  Bill and I had just gotten married.  He was away during the week training for his job, so we only saw each other on the weekends.  I couldn't very well leave my new husband and have a girls night, so I missed that first one.  Bill and I stopped by and I took this picture way back when.

The first host was my friend Mary Alice.  She was also the host this year. (notice the couch is the same)


 Our memories of yesterday will last a lifetime.  We'll take the best, forget the rest, and someday we'll find.....These are the Best of Times.