The Joy Story

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Joy Story

Going back in time a bit.....

When I was a young girl I remember something my Mom always used to tell me.

"If I had known what a joy you would be, I would have named you Joy."

13 years ago.....

I was celebrating my birthday one month after my Mom had died.  I was a newlywed living in an apartment in New Jersey.  Bill's parent's came over to visit.  When my mother-in-law handed me a gift she said to me, "I prayed to your Mom to help me get something you would like."  I opened up the package and inside was a bottle of perfume.  The name of it was "JOY."

The word Joy is special to me.  I think of my Mom whenever I see it written.  My mother-in-law always selects greeting cards for me which invariably have the word Joy in it somewhere.  My sister brings me a gift each Christmas with the word Joy on it. If you notice, the word Joy even appears in the title of my blog.


The kids and I packed up the car with their bikes.  We headed to the local community center.  There is a one mile path surrounding the park that is just perfect for an easy ride.  Billy, Tommy, and Mary took off like lightening.  Ann was somewhere ahead of me and Matt, and we were trailing far behind.  I got a bit nervous because they disappeared out of my sight.  Next thing I knew my cell phone was ringing.  It was Billy.  He was telling me Tommy fell off of his bike and I needed to hurry up.  I asked him where he got a phone and he said a jogger let him use hers.  When I finally got there I thanked the jogger who had stayed with them until I arrived.  Luckily, Tommy was more shaken than hurt and sustained only a minor cut to his knee.

I asked Tommy later in the day what the jogger had said while they waited for me. He said, "She didn't really say anything, but she wiped my tears."  I was so grateful and wished I could thank her again.  Then I realized her cell number would be on my phone since Billy used it to call me.  I sent her a quick text message thanking her for having a kind heart and wiping Tommy's tears away.  She replied back with this short message,

"You're welcome.  I did it with joy."

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