Sunday, August 6, 2017

Avalon Vacation 2017


Just saying that word makes me smile.

There is just something so special about being at the shore.  And Avalon is my favorite.  It is so pretty and peaceful there. The homes, whether they are the big palaces on the beach, mid-size "mansions", or quaint cottages, each have their own unique design and decor.  I never tire of looking at them. Late night walks allow me to sneak a peek at what they look like inside when they're all lit up.  (Wow, that sounds creepy now that I write that out loud.)

We had our usual highlights such as bike rides, shopping, arcades, pizza dinners, morning doughnuts, Carmen's restaurant in Sea Isle City, and an afternoon trip to nearby Ocean City, NJ for the boardwalk and rides.  The night before we left there was a huge storm which caused the beach block to flood!  Kids were actually swimming in the street!  Crazy.
My brother John and nephew Johnny went in on the house with us again and I honestly don't know how the two of them put up with the 7 of us all week.  Bill's brother Mike and family were also in Avalon the same week and having them with us at the beach definitely makes it more fun.  Plus, their kids are the cutest ever, so there's that.

I made my vacation video, like I usually do.  Definitely not my best work, but you'll get a glimpse into our week. The song was longer than the amount of video and pictures I took, so I had to get creative. I took stock photos of some of the places we visit there and added them in.  Lame.  Oh well.

Until we meet again, Avalon.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

July Jewels

July was good to us.

We spent a weekend at my in-law's vacation home in Rock Hall, Maryland.  RH is a cute town on the Chesapeake Bay.  If I remember rightly-- (gosh, I sound like my mother when I say that!)-- it had been about six years since we last visited there.  We enjoyed hanging out with my mother and father in law, Bill's aunt and uncle, and also Bill's brother, Tim.

My mother in law is an incredible host.  In fact, it felt like we were at a Bed and Breakfast.  That woman has a gift, I tell you.

My father in law moved the heavens to get two kayaks into his van so the kids could enjoy 2 days on the water.

Pool-time and dinner out, too. 

Later that week we spent the afternoon with cousins and sisters in law at the community pool.  My sister in law Kate hosted us and treated us to a fun day.

The "big" kids

I'm pretty sure the kids would say this was one of their best summer days so far.  Thanks, Aunt Kate!

The following weekend we celebrated my niece Julia's high school graduation.  Here she is (front, left) with her sister Amanda (back, left) and some friends.

Congratulations, Julia!!  You are one awesome graduate!  Love you!

And lastly, we sent Billy off to his annual Quo Vadis retreat at DeSales University.  This was his third year going.  He loves it.  They have mass and lunch for the families before we say our goodbyes.

This year tugged on my heartstrings a bit because two mom friends from my parish were sending their kids off to the retreat as well.  Watching our kids grow up over the years and now sending them off to discern their vocations was a bit mind blowing.

There was one more special event that happened in July, but that will be in a later post.

But to give you a hint, it starts with an A and ends with an valon and I will have my annual video to accompany that post soon. (I hope)

Hello August!