Sunday, September 28, 2014

A New Season

Mark your calendars.

February 8, 2015.

What is it, you ask?  Well, for one thing, it's the first Sunday after Football Season.

I declare it is also the official start to "Chick-Flick Season."  Care to join me?

Every Sunday afternoon for 17 straight weeks, put your life (and everyone's around you) on hold and turn on your TV's for the movie of your choice.  Take the best TV in the house, too.

I have my line up all set.

Sound of Music
It's A Wonderful Life
Some Like It Hot
Steel Magnolias
Apollo 13
The Fighting Sullivans
Singing in the Rain
On The Town
Forrest Gump
Gone with the Wind
Driving Miss Daisy
As Good As It Gets
Mr. Holland's Opus
Air Force One
Pretty Woman
Towering Inferno

Oh, it sounds fun, doesn't it?

And my dear family, just so you know:

I call the comfy chair.  You don't have to leave the room while I'm watching.  You're more than welcome to stay.  If you're bored, don't worry.  You'll get used to staring at the screen while your eyes become fixed and dilated from your apathy.

If all goes well, I may place an additional five weeks onto the end of the season for movies I've been meaning to see, such as:

The Way We Were
Silver Linings Playbook
The King's Speech
Dr. Zhivago

I can't wait.

You in?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Out Of The Mouth Of....

Our elementary school is doing their annual arts contest.  This year the theme is, "The World Would Be A Better Place If....." leaving the end to be interpreted by the young artists.

While trying to brainstorm ideas with Matthew he became increasingly overwhelmed and angry because he didn't know what he was going to do for his entry.  I told him to go to his room until he was able to calm down.  As he stomped up the stairs he shouted,

"The world would be a better place if I had a new mom."


Fast forward a couple days.  I asked Billy what he thought I do all day while he and his siblings are at school.  His answer: Watch TV.

(Double Ouch!)

*(I started teaching 1st grade Religious Ed this week)

Me: Would you kids like to see my Bible?  I've had this since I was a kid.
Student: Wow, that's old.

*I was talking to the students about how we all want to live in Heaven with Jesus.
Student: I don't.  I'm not dead.

I guess I should have said "someday."

My Bible-Circa 1984

I have a feeling future Out of the Mouth Of... posts will have the subtitle: 1st grade Religious Ed. edition.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Labor Day Weekend Happenings

I'm backing up to Labor Day weekend because we had some fun and interesting things go on that weekend.

*Friday: My friend Cathy celebrated her 40th birthday.  I met Cathy about 7 years ago in a mom's group we both attended.  She has been a dear friend ever since.  Her family threw her a surprise party and I cant' think of anyone more deserving of such a celebration.  She is selfless and kind and one of those people you can talk to for hours and it seems like only minutes have passed. In other words, she's awesome and I love her.  It was so great to share her day with her.

Me, Cathy, Andrea, and Danielle
*Saturday: Our prayer group friends John and Mary hosted their annual summer dinner party.  These two know how to throw a party, I tell you.  For dinner we had special slider sandwiches with all the fixins you can imagine.  On the mirror are mouth-watering ideas on how you might like to fix your sandwich.  I tried it a couple different ways, just to be social. Total yum!

From left: Monsignor, John and Mary, Donnalee and Mike, me and Bill, Sam and Barb, Fr. Kevin, Vicky and Jeff, Mike and Beth.
Our family prayer group usually includes the children, but this is a special event sans kids.  Even though we missed the three couples that weren't able to make it, it was fun hanging out with those who could.  Thanks John and Mary---great time!

*Sunday: Mary's first Cross Country meet of the year.....


Friends and coaches

T-shirt I couldn't resist buying.

 ....complete with cranky kids. (it was hot!)

Mary did a great job running her two miles.  So proud of her.

*Monday: Family bike ride.

  Thinking ahead, Bill knew Matt would get tired.  He came prepared to solve this problem.

 Awesome Dad-ness!

And a great official end to summer!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More Avalon

Bear with me.  I know I posted our vacation video already, but there were some cute shots and memories I wanted to document from our week in Avalon.

Our car looks the same every year when we leave.


We're heeeere.  Welcome to Seaward!  This was our 4th year renting this adorable beach house.  We love it.

About to get that first glimpse of the beach....

 Miniature Golf Night

Arcade Night


Our friends Brian and Maggie were vacationing with their family the same week and their shore house was only 1 block from us.  We saw each other every day on the beach.

Our traditional Thursday night dinner at Carmen's in Sea Isle City, NJ:

Saturday--Check out day: Last picture at Seaward.

Breakfast at Uncle Bill's pancake house.

Normally we'd be headed home at this point but we were fortunate enough to be in Avalon for the housewarming party for Bill's Uncle Joe's and Aunt April's new home they had built.

We had a few hours before the party began so we drove to Stone Harbor for some window shopping and water ice eating.

Then came the party.

 I didn't get a chance to take pictures inside, but take my word.....Oh My Word!

We were also celebrating our hostess Aunt April's birthday. 

Happy Birthday Aunt April!
With all the swimming, kayaking, and eating, it may have been the kids' best day of all!

 That's a wrap.  Until next year.....(hopefully)